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Sweet Wife, Pampered Fast

Sweet Wife, Pampered Fast
Other names: 霍先生你心动了, Mr. Huo, your heart is touched
Author: Yi Momo, 意沫沫
Genre: Novel, Comedy, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: Chapter 1526 Finale


“My Palace Lying in the Red Entertainment Circle” Lu Xingzhi’s eighteenth birthday gift is a handsome and rich fiance. From then on, she broke away from the life of a little orphan, became Bai Fumei directly, and reached the pinnacle of her life. Lived a happy life of being spoiled and spoiled.

“Uncle, do you like me?”
Huo Jinchen: “I thought I was obvious enough.”
Lu Xingzhi: “…” It seems to be quite obvious.
“Zhizhi, I will give you what you want, but you can’t leave me.”
Lu Xingzhi nodded fiercely. Her uncle was rich and handsome, and treated her nicely. She would leave unless she had a pitfall in her mind.

Her genius piano girl shines the most dazzling light on the international stage.
He is the business emperor who turned his hands on the clouds and rained his hands, and gave her all his tenderness.

Lu Xing knew that it was just a marriage contract with Huo Jinchen, but he didn’t expect to be spoiled by him. Lived a happy life without closing his legs. “Zhizhi, I will give you what you want, but you can’t leave me.” Lu Xingzhi nodded fiercely. Her uncle is rich, handsome, and good-bodied, and treats her well, unless she has a brain hole. Will leave. “Uncle, they said that I am greedy and lustful, and I am not worthy of you.” “What do you say?” “I admit that you seduced me. What are you doing with your clothes off?” , My husband will love you.” Loving her, loving her deeply, is a must-have for Huo Jinchen after he has the knowledge of Lu Xingzhi. Every night, Mrs. Huo deeply felt how deeply Mr. Huo loves her.


Chapter 1 We Have a Marriage Contract
Chapter 2 Uncle, you are too old
Chapter 3 My condition suits you
Chapter 4 Is the waist of girls so soft?
Chapter 5 Under the legal age
Chapter 6 Then agree with your body
Chapter 7 Happy Birthday, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day
Chapter 8 The second time to give me a hug
Chapter 9 Shorts are too short
Chapter 10 I took her shoulders
Chapter 11 She is the Mistress of this House
Chapter 12 Don’t Bully Xiaozhi
Chapter 13 He Lianyi
Chapter 14 I like young and beautiful
Chapter 15 You Are Too Skinny
Chapter 16 is very attractive
Chapter 17 Don’t worry about spending my money
Chapter 18 He likes this type of girl
Chapter 19 Sit with Me for awhile
Chapter 20 is to be good to her
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