You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 30 Recap

Wang Yiyi and Chen Jiaxin both turned over and looked at each other’s circle of friends to understand their respective lives in the past three years.

Early in the morning, Dylan came to give Chen Jiaxin breakfast. Chen Jiaxin had no clue about the design of the soap dish, and there were only two days left. Chen Jiaxin worried that he could not embarrass Zhongshan Dragon if he could not draw it again.

Dylan took Chen Jiaxin to the library to find inspiration, came to the street to find inspiration, Chen Jiaxin found borage Xinxi in front of the flower shop and took pictures. When I saw a child sitting in a car at dinner, Chen Jiaxin took the initiative to go up to say hello and take a photo with the child.

Looking at the photos on the phone, Chen Jiaxin’s tears overflowed into his eyes again. Dylan hurriedly handed a tissue, and Chen Jiaxin barely squeezed out a smile. Shi Anna bought a plane ticket to Hungary and did not tell Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi was busy working every day, and Chen Jiaxin also found design inspiration and drew the shape of the soap box.

The next day, Chen Jiaxin handed over the drawings to Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi praised a lot in front. When Chen Jiaxin was proud, Wang Yiyi said that the work was very greasy. This made Chen Jiaxin very angry, thinking that Wang Yiyi deliberately humiliated her, but Wang Yiyi said that he wanted only better. Chen Jiaxin asked Wang Yiyi how to change her? Wang Yiyi took Chen Jiaxin to a high-end restaurant. Chen Jiaxin was able to order food in a skilled Hungarian language, which made Wang Xiyi have to admit that Chen Jiaxin had changed.

Wang Yiyi said his opinion and understanding of the soap box, obviously speaking to Chen Jiaxin’s heart, Chen Jiaxin immediately picked up the pen and paper and drew it without even paying attention to dinner, Wang Jieyi took the initiative to feed the food to Chen Jiaxin, and Chen Jiaxin heard Wang Yiyi slightly After coughing a few times, people immediately took a glass of water, and Wang Yiyi thought it was a concern for him. Chen Jiaxin insisted that Wang Yiyi’s cough influenced her creation. Wang Yiyi gently said to cheer on Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin remembered Wang Zhiyi’s encouragement to himself before, and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

The design draft came out. Wang Yiyi laily proposed that Chen Jiaxin take him to travel around and do his best to the friendship of the landlord. Wang Yiyi took Chen Jiaxin’s hand away but was thrown away by Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin traveled with Wang Yiyi and admired the scenery everywhere, but Wang Jiayi’s sweet language was said to be naive by Chen Jiaxin. Does Chen Jiaxin deliberately sarcastically sneer at Wang Yiyi? Wang Yiyi was embarrassed for a while.

Wang Yiyi tried to confess Chen Jiaxin many times, but they were blocked by Chen Jiaxin. When the two came to the fountain, Chen Jiaxin almost got wet by the fountain. Fortunately, Wang Jieyi’s eyes cleared and hugged Chen Jiaxin. He also protected Chen Jiaxin’s speed. The design draft was not wet.

Wang Yiyi proposed to go to the customer at night, and now the wet clothes are obviously not suitable. Chen Jiaxin took this Wang Yiyi to buy clothes. Wang Yiyi also wanted to buy clothes for Chen Jiaxin, claiming to meet customers, and the other party proposed to see the designer.

Wang Yiyi personally selected clothes for Chen Jiaxin. Wang Yiyi deliberately opened the waiter in the store. When Chen Jiaxin changed clothes, he accidentally caught the hair by the zipper. There was really no way out. Chen Jiaxin had to let Wang Yiyi help, and in the middle Wang Yiyi was pregnant.

Wang Yiyi packed up the zipper for Chen Jiaxin and put on a shawl for him. Chen Jiaxin remembered the situation on the cruise before. When Chen Jiaxin came out, Wang Yiyi proposed to let Chen Jiaxin tie the bow tie for him, and claimed that he had never had a bow tie in the past three years. Chen Jiaxin grabbed Wang Yiyi directly and put a bow tie on him.

Wang Xiyi took Chen Jiaxin to see Xia Zhilu. As a designer, Chen Jiaxin attracted Xia Zhilu. Chen Jiaxin’s interpretation of the product attracted Xia Zhilu more. This design was obviously successful. Wang Yiyi looked at Chen Jiaxin’s energetic look and felt happy for him. The inferior Chen Jiaxin was gone.

Someone found Chen Jiaxin through Wang Yiyi and hoped that she could help design the packaging. This made Wang Yiyi feel that the current Chen Jiaxin is no longer the past Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin claimed that he had just grown up, not that he had learned badly. Both of them have forgotten the past. I am very happy with this cooperation. Perhaps it will be better to get along with each other. Although they are free and easy to talk about, Wang Yiyi was so reluctant when he said goodbye.

Wang Yiyi wanted to explain what happened three years ago, and made the final effort, but Chen Jiaxin interrupted Wang Yiyi and claimed that he could be content with Wang Yiyi in the past. Without Wang Yiyi, there is absolutely no she today, and Chen Jiaxin also said that he does not hate Wang Yiyi anymore and hopes that both can let go of each other.

Wang Xiyi watched Chen Jiaxin’s left back and walked in the opposite direction for a long time. Chen Jiaxin suddenly received a call from Dylan and asked if Chen Jiaxin was going well. Chen Jiaxin found out that he still had Wang Yiyi’s mobile phone. When someone was looking for Chen Jiaxin through Wang Yiyi just now, Chen Jiaxin forgot to answer the phone and forgot to give Wang Yiyi.

Chen Jiaxin turned around to find Wang Yiyi, followed Wang Yiyi up the stairs, and watched Wang Yiyi open the door. As soon as Wang Yiyi entered, he heard a knock on the door. When Chen Jiaxin sent his mobile phone, Wang Yiyi almost fainted. Chen Jiaxin discovered that Wang Yiyi almost fainted. Chen Jiaxin persuaded Wang Yiyi to go to the hospital, Wang Yiyi refused, Chen Jiaxin took the initiative to stay and cook ginger soup for Wang Yiyi. Wang Xieyi looked at Chen Jiaxin’s back, he couldn’t control himself and kissed Chen Jiaxin in the end, and Chen Jiaxin also let go of his suppressed emotions for a long time, and kissed Wang Xieyi back.

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