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Parellel Love – 时间倒数遇见你

Chinese name: Meet you in the countdown / 时间倒数遇见你
Foreign name: Parellel Love
Production time: 2020
Production company: Penguin Film & Television, Shanghai Kaiqi Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Production area: China Mainland
Filming locations: Shenzhen
First broadcast time: June 18, 2020
Screenwriter: Fang Xingwei, Sun Bibo, Zhou Menglong, Fei Congxiao, Ren Meixuan
Episode: 24 episodes
Types of: Urban, emotional
Producer: Fang Fang, Ge Mingyue
Online play platform: Tencent Video

Starring: Li Hongyi, Shi Shi, Yang Ze, Wang Yu

“Jiao Yang, even if the time counts down, maybe I will never see you again, but please remember. A man named Lin Miao loves you very much. “This is the first sentence written by Lin Miao in the autobiographical novel “Countdown to Time Meets You.”
33-year-old Lin Miao had accidentally encountered an accident in the age of no bike sharing, no scan code payment, not to mention takeaway software Yang. From the mutual scorn of the two at the first sight, to the superiors and subordinates who fought side by side in the workplace, Lin Miao opened the door of the new world of Jiaoyang every moment, so that the unrealistic business in the mind of the president of the waste wood team The plan even has the idea of ​​wanting to achieve it one by one.

For this 8-year-old woman who is “bigger” than herself, Jiao Yang also saw her most vulnerable side-after the breakup ten years ago, Lin Miao changed She tried to say goodbye to her past name completely, but under the strong appearance, she was still a “little girl” who could bump into the deer and longed to be cared for. Well and invisible, Lin Miao’s heart thumped with Jiao Yang But at this moment Jiao Yang and Lin Miao discovered that the main messenger behind the original conspiracy was Lin Miao’s ex-boyfriend and Su Chengjun, who was also Jiao Yang’s half-brother, since they were born like princes and beggars. Destiny, this time Su Cheng decided to change.

With the cooperation of Lin Miao, Jiao Yang stepped through the conspiracy of Hongyu Group to fight for power. Lin Miao and Jiao Yang courageously rewritten the fate of Hongyu after going through confusion, twists and turns , Gaining growth and love for each other

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