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G minor March Extra: Spicy Lovers


This girl who appeared suddenly is so beautiful! Hmm, appreciating ## is also a kind of enjoyment. But wait! Why does she hold Hee Jung? ! And Hee Jung turned his head and ignored me as soon as he saw her! ! With hard work and perseverance, the little fairy princess Kahib has once again dedicated the super popular extravaganza.

“G-Minor Fanwai” is taking advantage of the rush and absolutely dominates your visual neurons.

G minor March Extra: Spicy Lovers
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Ka Xibu
Fiction, Romance
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Part One
Hearing that the scale was wrong, I hurriedly corrected it. Then, I secretly raised my head and saw the handsome Korean-French mixed-race boy in a pure white suit leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window-also my current boyfriend Kwon Hee positive. He is so handsome, whether standing, sitting, lying or leaning, every posture is like a model posing a pose!

The second part
“Qicai, do you want to share the good things with everyone?” Yuanzhu pushed me away and continued to say, “Dear Xiao Cai Cai, since I met you, your angelic face and silver bells My laughter and your lively and lovely figure are spinning in my mind all the time, every time I close my eyes, I will see you, every time I dream back at midnight, I will dream of walking with you On the soft sandy beach, do you believe in love at first sight? Yes! That’s right, when I saw you at first sight, I was already deeply in love with you, oh Qi Cai, you are the goddess of my dreams, You are the bride I am looking for in this life, you are me…”

Part Three
He keeps saying that Qianhui is his good friend’s sister. A good friend’s sister is not equal to his own sister. Since she is not her own sister, there is no blood relationship or blood relationship from a medical point of view. This proves that they are not in love and communication together. Subject to any system.

Part IV
A gentle smile appeared on Xizheng’s ice cube face. This smile stunned me. The gentleness was enough to melt my heart. Oh my God, is he really Xizheng? Is he really the Hee Jung I know?

Part 5
His smile showed a bit of bitterness again, “In your thoughts, I am a careless and unrefined boy, but colorful, I really like you because of your liveliness, your cuteness, your sunshine, Your frankness, there are too many precious things in you, I desperately want to get them, but I only know today that you don’t belong to me, because there is another patron saint by your side…”

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