Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 11 Recap

The two talked to each other in the setting of the cosmic starry sky. Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that he really didn’t know how to face him. He always felt that his father’s death had a great relationship with him, but he knew that Yan Jing told her. He is also half of the responsibility for his father’s affairs. Even if Nie Xingchen did not tell his father the address of the proposal at the time, his father still had the means to get the address, and when his father passed away, he hoped that the two would be happy together.

There is no objection. Nie Xingchen burst into tears when she heard of joy, and she was moved by the confession scene that Yan Jing had arranged for him. After Yan Jing told her that she had practiced the naming rights of the two stars by the Astronomical Bureau, Nie Xingchen couldn’t help it anymore. Actively stepped forward and kissed Yan Jing.

Nie Xingchen’s dream in Meimei was awakened by Yan Jing’s video call. Yan Jing told Nie Xingchen that he knew the feeling of love. The feeling of love was that he wanted to see him all the time. At the same time, Yan Jing resumed the chief secretary of Nie Xingchen. Position. Nie Xingchen returned to the president’s office happily, and her colleagues extended a warm welcome to her for returning to the company again.

Suddenly Yan Jing appeared to tell everyone that Nie Xingchen left because of some conflicts with her boyfriend. Now that the matter has been settled, he returned to the office again. In order to prevent Yan Jing from continuing, Nie Xingchen immediately pushed Yan Jing to the office, leaving colleagues wondering who Nie Xingchen’s boyfriend was.

As soon as he returned to the office, Yan Jing hugged Nie Xingchen, showing his sweetness. Out of various considerations, Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing not to disclose the relationship between the two of them. His words made Yan Jing a little unhappy. In order to please Yan Jing, Nie Xingchen took the initiative to invite him to dinner. Hannah’s fiance came to Yan Jing to chat, and unexpectedly discovered that Nie Xingchen had left a lip mark on Yan Jing’s afternoon tea coaster. Nie Xingchen did not know there were guests, and felt that he had made a low-level mistake. In order to avoid embarrassment, Yan Jing walked away from Hannah’s fiance, and put his arms around Nie Xingchen, and gave Nie Xingchen a deep kiss, and the two flirted at the office door.

It happened that Huang Tao came to Nie Xingchen for something. Nie Xingchen immediately asked Huang Tao to keep a distance from him in order to prevent Huang Tao from seeing Yan Jing. When the two of them were talking, Yan Jing kissed Nie Xingchen’s hand like a child. . Zhao Yuanfang learned that Nie Xingchen had returned to his office, and immediately asked her about the real situation. He knew that Nie Xingchen no longer had to bear the burden in his heart, and he was very happy to be able to fall in love with Yan Jing easily, and he simply asked Nie Xingchen for more. A baby of friendship, how can I know that this scene happened to be seen by the president’s sister Huang Lu.

Huang Lu, the big speaker, told the big guy what she saw when she returned to the president’s office. Everyone guessed that Zhao Yuan was conveniently Nie Xingchen’s boyfriend. They didn’t know that Yan Jing heard their discussion, and Yan Jing was a little sulking. , And asked Nie Xingchen to explain clearly his relationship with Zhao Yuanfang. Nie Xingchen immediately expressed in front of the owner of the President’s Office that he and Zhao Yuanfang were very close friends. After seeing Nie Xingchen’s clarification of the facts, Yan Jing planned to deduct a month’s bonus as punishment for everyone in the President’s Office. Fortunately, Nie Xingchen interceded for everyone, and this punishment was exempted.

Yan Jing was a little angry because of this. Nie Xingchen saw that he was a little angry and wanted to coax him. However, Yan Jing told him that it is okay for other men to hug her, but Zhao Yuanfang is absolutely not allowed. After all, he has been with Nie Xingchen for five years after leaving him. After all, he was jealous. . At this time, Zhao Yuanfang called to ask why Nie Xingchen left so quickly. Yan Jing saw that it was Zhao Yuanfang’s call and deliberately answered the call for Nie Xingchen, and at the same time told Zhao Yuanfang that he and Nie Xingchen were going home for dinner. , Welcome him to come to Nie Xingchen’s house to eat dinner.

Zhao Yuanfang hung up the phone and went to Nie Xingchen’s house to find out. After the two had a quarrel, Zhao Yuanfang saw the sweet figures of the two and left Nie Xingchen’s house with peace of mind, as good friends for five years. , Maybe Nie Xingchen’s inner expectation is getting true love. Love is not about possession, but looking at her happiness. After Zhao Yuanfang left, Nie Xingchen suggested that Yan Jing accompany him to do something interesting and technical.

When Yan Jing heard that Nie Xingchen wanted to do something shameful with him, he immediately jumped onto the bed happily. I didn’t know what Nie Xingchen was talking about. It turned out to be just playing the turntable game, and I was quite disappointed, but he still played the turntable game with Nie Xingchen.

Nie Xingchen came to Yan Jing’s home and found that Ms. Ye was actually Yan Jing’s mother. Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen to accompany her mother to the airport. Ms. Ye liked Nie Xingchen very much, and she started chattering on the sofa while pulling her. , Yan Jing was very happy to see the scene where the two were enjoying themselves.

Zhen Nian felt sullen in her heart, so she went to the boxing gym to vent her pressure. Zhao Yuanfang also came to the boxing gym, trying to persuade Zhen Nian to show off some adult sanity. After the last battle, Zhen Nian was willing to keep her interest in me. All other contracts will be terminated as always.

When Nie Xingchen came to the office, everyone was full of curiosity about the meow machine on her desk, which made Nie Xingchen nervous. In the evening, Director Huang Tao’s new home is warm, and people from the president’s office all go to his home to celebrate his housewarming. Yan Jing also went to join in the fun, and by the way gave a cactus ball as a housewarming gift.

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