Benefits of ‘Aloe Vera’

Benefits of ‘Aloe Vera’

Aloe has all the benefits. If anyone grows it for use Can prevent many diseases. Let’s see what its benefits.

1. Kill bacteria
Aloetin is an antibacterial substance. It can kill mold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It can inhibit Suspend the development and reproduction of the disease

2. Anti-inflammatory
Aloe vera has bradykinin, which has the role of anti-vascular inflammation and also polysaccharides. Can increase the body’s resistance to diseases Treatment of dermatitis Chronic nephritis Cystitis, bronchitis and other chronic diseases

3. Add moisture to the skin.
In aloe vera have polysaccharides And vitamins that are good food for the skin Helps to moisturize and whiten skin, especially acne problems for teenage girls. Aloe vera is also effective in getting rid of acne well. Aloe-emodin and other anthraquinone glycosides in Aloe Vera help to make hair soft and shiny. Light and comfortable and prevents dandruff.

4. It helps the stomach to work less.
Aloe vera contains aloin, emodin, and other important substances that help to crave food. Relax the large intestine Eating aloe vera in the right amount Can increase the performance of the stomach Body performance So for patients who are tired of food Eating aloe vera helps to crave more food.

5. A strong heart and good blood circulation
Calcium isocitrate in Aloe Vera makes the heart-healthy. Improved blood circulation Arteries soften Lowering cholesterol levels Capillary Expansion Reduce the burden of the heart Normal blood pressure Expel toxins from the blood

6. Build the immune system.
Aloe in A, Traumatic hormone, Polyglyceride nectar (Ke-2) have antiviral, healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, softening the skin, making the cells alive, polysaccharide and Callus acid gels help heal wounds. Therefore, it helps to heal wounds without scars. Whether the wound is bleeding or not

7. Build immunity and resistance
The pathogenesis of viscous substances in aloe vera. Polysaccharides (acetylated glucomannan, mannan, acetylated mannan, aloe mannan, alocutin, alomicin, etc.) have the effect of enhancing immunity and inhibiting abnormal cell growth. Increasing body resistance

8. Detoxification
Aloe Vera can inhibit excessive immune responses. Increase the role of phagocytic function. Phagocytic helps the body to detoxify through the metabolism of aloetin, alomicin and other substances in aloe vera. Play a role in promoting the dissolution of harmful substances in the liver and also helps to reduce the biological invasion of toxins
Woman Opening Aloe Plant

9. relieve sedative pain
Modern pharmacological studies have shown that fresh aloe vera has a bactericidal effect. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Aloe vera also protects cells and increases immunity.

10. Sun protection
The hot weather, applying aloe vera on the skin will help to prevent sunlight. If sunburned, using aloe vera will alleviate the pain as well.

11. Insect protection
Aloe Vera juice has an antiseptic effect. Apply aloe vera juice in the summer to help prevent mosquitoes. Colombians often apply aloe vera juice on children’s feet. To prevent insects Apply aloe vera juice to the edge of the window and door. Flies will not enter the house

12. Help deodorize
Aloe vera helps to stop the bad odor of the feet, armpits, mouth. Use aloe vera on these areas to help prevent body odor. Knowing the properties and benefits of aloe vera and making known that “aloe vera” is not only a skin-nourishing herb. But also helps to alleviate pain in the body as well It also helps to heal wounds both inside and outside the body. Knowing this, do not forget to bring aloe vera to the house. Considered as a natural home drug that is useful and easy to find, not expensive.