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Daughter-in-law is too delicious

Daughter-in-law is too delicious
Other names: 兒媳太美味
Author: gibberish cat
Genre: Novel, romance, city
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“No, don’t…” Su Qing shook her head deliberately, avoiding his kiss, but it didn’t take long before she was kissed by him. He lifted Su Qing’s coat, pushed the small white xz on top of xb, opened his mouth to hold it, and xx gently. “Ah,” Su Qing exclaimed softly, feeling like she was going to be dizzy, panting quickly, and gradually hugged Yang Daming’s head with her hands, but she still said, “No…don’t…”


Chapter 1 (Daughter-in-lawFlavor)
Chapter 2 (Daughter-in-law Flavor)
Chapter 3 (Daughter-in-law Flavor)
Chapter 4 (Daughter-in-law Flavor)
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