Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

Ginger Lemon Juice is refreshing with amazing properties.

“Ginger Lime” would like to say that the unusual smell and taste of ginger combined with the freshness of the lemon Get along well until you fall in love.

Benefits of ginger

It has been known for a long time that ginger is an herb with a pungent smell and has a hot effect to warm the inside of the body well. It also has properties to help kill bacteria. Balance of the digestive system And reduce clogged fat as well.

Benefits of lemons

Lemon is also useful as a detox softener to the intestines to stimulate the circulatory system to normal. And is also rich in vitamin C that helps prevent colds as well

When combined with ginger and lemon, the benefits will increase as well.

Benefits of ginger lemon juice

1. Gentle intestinal detox
Because lemon juice has acidic acid taste That helps stimulate the work of the digestive system Therefore, it is the source of a mild intestinal detox, that is, helps to be taken easier enough. (But not serious intestinal detox)

2. Helps to lose weight
In addition to helping to transfer more fluently The hot effect of ginger also helps to increase energy metabolism in the body by more than 20%, so before the next exercise, drinking a glass of ginger lemon juice is good.

3. Relieving sore throat
If honey is too sweet Or you are a diabetic patient, change to mix lemon juice with ginger Helps to get a stronger flavor But still provides good moisture in the neck as before In addition, ginger helps to kill bacteria. And relieve inflammation in the throat as well

4. Help digest food
Alone with lemonade alone can help with the digestive system better. Get more ginger Which further enhances the work of the digestive system even further It also helps to reduce gas in the stomach. Reduce flatulence as well.

5. Relieve colds, stuffy nose
Anyone who has ever eaten ginger may have felt relieved. The nose from its pungent odor, but this pungent smell is very useful because it helps to clear the nose Breathe easily Can help with nasal congestion While lemons also contain vitamin C to help alleviate and prevent colds. Therefore, when pairing and drinking together Therefore has combo properties immediately

How to make ginger lime juice

  1. Cut 1/2 inch of fresh ginger into the glass. The more you peel, the more you smell. And the taste of ginger more
  2. Squeeze ½ fresh lemon into the glass
  3. Add warm water until quite a glass. (Standard size coffee mug) stir well and drink in the morning before exercise or after drink.