Good Wife 好妻子 Episode 56 End Recap

Li Jiayu was late for the meeting, and He Haoze fell to the side, slandering Li Jiayu and absconded in fear of crime, afraid to face the reality. When Li Jiayu came with a look of embarrassment, Zhou Xinyan was terrified and found an excuse to go to the bathroom. The company executives all received the video of He Haoze tricking Li Jiayu into donating livers. He Haoze’s true face was announced to the public, but he was still making denials, saying that all this was Li Jiayu’s framing him. The police came over and arrested him directly. He Haoze even had the face to ask Li Jiayu to help him. Li Jiayu was a little sad to see him like this. Zhou Xinyan saw that He Haoze was taken away, so she changed into the clothes of a cleaner and escaped from under the eyes of the police.

   The police applied for a wanted warrant, and Zhou Xinyan was wanted in the city. Li Jiayu finally proved her innocence. This ending made her sad. She and Zhou Xinyan used to be classmates, and their relationship was very good, but she didn’t expect to get to this point.

   Lin Tianming wants to take Li Jiayu’s family to the park, but Li Jiayu wants to go to the hospital to take care of Li Zhengdao. Shen Fenfang went to the hospital by himself, and asked Li Jiayu to take Ruirui and Lin Tianming to play. Li Jiayu was still worried about Li Zhengdao and Shen Fenfang when playing in the park. Lin Tianming advised her to relax and not always carry everything alone.

  Li Jiayu was taken away by Zhou Xinyan in the bathroom in the park. Lin Tianming couldn’t wait for her for a long time, so he took Ruirui to the bathroom to look for her, only to find that there was no one here. Only Li Jiayu’s silk scarf fell to the ground. Lin Tianming was worried about Li Jiayu and wanted to find her, but Rui Rui was worried, so she could only call Lin Guodong. Lin Tianming handed Rui Rui to Lin Guodong, and he went to the police station.

   The police officer found Zhou Xinyan stunned Li Jiayu through surveillance video in the park and took her away. They have issued a wanted warrant.

   When Li Jiayu woke up, she found herself in Zhou Xinyan’s car. She did not expect Zhou Xinyan to still be obsessed. Zhou Xinyan saw the police chasing him, stopped the car, and pulled Li Jiayu out of the car. Zhou Xinyan blamed Li Jiayu for everything she had encountered, pinched her neck, and wanted to put her to death. Zhou Xinyan fell off the cliff when Li Jiayu was struggling. She grabbed the small tree on the edge of the cliff, and the same scene reappeared, except that the position of the protagonist was changed. Last time Zhou Xinyan watched Li Jiayu fall off the cliff and stood on the sidelines, but this time Li Jiayu graciously pulled her back from the edge of the cliff. She replied with virtue and made Zhou Xinyan realize her mistake. Zhou Xinyan was arrested by the police who followed, Lin Tianming sent Li Jiayu to the hospital, and Lin Guodong and Gu Min sent Rui Rui to the hospital to see her. Rui Rui and Lin Guodong only got along once, and soon accepted him. Lin Tianming saw Lin Guodong’s loving expression for the first time.

   Zhou Xinyan and He Haoze met in the detention center under the custody of the police. Neither of them spoke, but they had mixed feelings.

   Li Jiayu was appointed as the leader of the marketing team because of his outstanding performance. Li Jiaxing and Zheng Yanan held a wedding under the blessing of their families. The bad luck of the Li family finally passed, and everyone’s life was on the right track.

   The three criminals, He Haoze, Zhou Xinyan and Big Nine Brothers, were also punished. They were sentenced to five years, fifteen years and life imprisonment respectively. Li Jiayu attended the hearing and watched the judge pronounce the sentence. The three of them were serving their sentences, but she did not feel very happy, but felt a little bit painful.

  Time flies so fast, Zheng Ya has a boy, and Li Zhengdao and Shen Fenfang have lived a life of sweet-hearted grandchildren. After Zhou Xinyan gave birth to a son, she went to prison to serve her sentence. Li Jiayu took the child to visit the prison. Zhou Xinyan became a mother and felt remorse. She begged Li Jiayu for forgiveness. Li Jiayu didn’t want to worry about the past anymore. She persuaded Zhou Xinyan to reform for the sake of her child and re-behave. When she rescued Zhou Xinyan from the cliff, she no longer hated her anymore. She hoped that the two would forget all the unhappiness.

Lin Tianming and Li Jiayu adopted Zhou Xinyan’s child, and they started a new life with Ruirui.

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