Matsuyama Castle in Matsuyama, Japan

Matsuyama Castle is located in the center of Matsuyama City at the height of 132 meters above sea level. Katsuyama with the Honmaru at the summit, the Ninomaru Historical Site Garden and Sanno. It is a huge Hirayama castle with a circle. Kato Yoshiaki Aki began construction of a castle in 1602, and it was the largest castle in Shikoku and took the longest time (in quarter century) to complete construction. It has a simultaneous castle tower alongside Himeji Castle. Kato was sealed to the Aizu clan before the castle was completed. After Gamo, he became the residence of the Matsudaira family, the daimyo of the parent clan, for 235 years from 1635 to the Meiji Restoration. From the top floor of the large castle tower, which is said to be the last complete castle building in Japan, you can see 360-degree view, Matsuyama Plain and the Seto Inland Sea.

The only surviving gazebo-type double turret in Japan which is the 20th tower of the Waurogata and the castle of the existing 12 Tower, only the Matsuyama Castle and the Hikone Castle are known to exist. The defense method was “Climbing Ishigaki” extends from Ninomaru to Honmaru, and the entire Shiroyama Park including Horinouchi. This is a national historic site and has been designated as a 100 Historical Park Selection in 2006.

Address: 〒790-0004 Matsuyama-shi Okaido 3-chome 2-46 Matsuyama Shiroyama Ropeway Station 2F
Open Hours: Sun – Sat from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

How to get there:

  • This can be reached by tram line 5 from JR Matsuyama Station (10 minutes) or by tram line 2 or 3 from Matsuyama-shi Station (5 minutes.

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