Cocoa Story

Cocoa is a seed of a plant that is popularly used to produce chocolate. Cocoa contains nutrients that are beneficial to health, which may be used to treat or prevent. Heart disease and high blood pressure The fat from cocoa beans may be used to protect the skin from wrinkles and stretch marks, although cocoa is full of many benefits. But consumers should use the right amount to prevent any side effects that may occur.

Benefits of cocoa
Cocoa consumption is believed to have many benefits. Because cocoa contains calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and various minerals that are necessary for the growth of the body such as potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, as well as many other substances such as antioxidants. Lavonoid Epicatechin, Catechin, Procyanidine, etc.

However, the important substances in cocoa naturally have more or less good for the body. Therefore, there are some researches on the benefits of cocoa as follows

Treatment of heart disease

Heart disease such as coronary heart disease Arrhythmia Congenital heart disease, etc. These health problems can be life-threatening.

One human study suggests that eating cocoa products may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the same way, Many human studies also suggest that eating foods that contain cocoa, which is rich in flavonoids in an appropriate amount may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Lower blood pressure And also promoting the work of blood vessels as well.

Although these studies indicate the benefits of cocoa. But consumers should wait for more large-scale sample studies To determine the optimum amount and form of cocoa that are most effective in the treatment.

Lower blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Is a condition in which the pressure in the arteries exceeds the normal amount for a long time, which may result in health problems such as heart disease if not properly treated.

Because flavonoid compounds found in cocoa may increase the process of producing nitric oxide in the body. Which acts to dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure Therefore, some studies have found that any food made from cocoa may result in healthy adults having slightly lower blood pressure for a short time. There are still many human studies that indicate that Consuming cocoa may help the vascular lining to work better. Reducing blood pressure in patients at risk of high blood pressure Including patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure as well.

However, consumers should wait for more long-term research. To clearly confirm the properties of cocoa in reducing blood pressure If wanting to consume cocoa for therapeutic purposes Should consult a doctor about proper eating principles.

Lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is inside the bloodstream. Although the human body needs cholesterol to help with various processes, the excessive amount of cholesterol in the body can increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, research for all 42 volunteers to drink milk containing cocoa powder for a period of 4 weeks. Consuming cocoa may help reduce blood lipid levels. Which may increase HDL cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol that reacts with certain substances to free radicals, especially in patients with a high risk of coronary heart disease

Aside from taking care of oneself far from High cholesterol Like regular exercise or Avoid foods that are already high in fat. Eating cocoa may be a way to help lower cholesterol levels. However, this experiment is just a small experiment. Therefore, further research and studies on the effectiveness of cocoa should be conducted.

Cure diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease which Caused by the pancreas unable to produce enough insulin Or ineffectiveness creation Resulting in the rise in blood sugar levels, causing damage to various organs, especially blood vessels and nerves

Human research from 8 countries in Europe found that Foods rich in flavonoids, such as cocoa, may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. One more study suggests that Consuming cocoa products in patients with diet and blood sugar levels may also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, these studies are just collecting answers from the questionnaire. And experiments in a specific sample Therefore have to wait for further research or evidence in the future To support more research results

Against asthma

Asthma is a disease in which the airways are narrowed and narrowed due to chronic inflammation. Makes the trachea more sensitive to stimuli that enter the body than normal people Patients may have difficulty breathing, coughing, whistling while breathing. And unable to breathe Although asthma is not a serious health problem for some people. But if the symptoms of the disease get worse it can be fatal.

There is information to suggest that the unsweetened natural cocoa powder is rich in anti-asthma substances, such as TOBromine and TO-Phyllene. Therefore resulting in studies and research in experimental mice With the results showing that Consumption of cocoa powder in that form may help reduce the severity of symptoms from asthma. Yes, when taken in the same dosage as the trial. More studies are needed in humans to confirm this feature before conclusions. Since this research is only in animal studies.

Have good mental health?

Not only does cocoa affect physical health, but it also affects mental health. In which mental health means having a happy state of mind Which may allow us to handle stress in life Work efficiently And can also live with people in the society as well

From the experimental studies in men with similar socioeconomic characteristics, it was found that Seniors who like cocoa may have good health. optimistic And still have better mental health than those who love other types of desserts. However, these researches are just collecting data via questionnaires only. Causing insufficient results to confirm the efficacy of cocoa, so further research should be conducted

Lose weight

The weight loss was caused by a voluntary self-control diet or exercise. And from illnesses that we don’t want to occur, such as cancer or chronic inflammation In general, weight loss is a result of reduced body fat. But if you lose a lot of weight, it can cause the body to lose protein and other essential substances.

One animal experiment for 18 weeks found that consuming supplements containing cocoa powder may reduce the rate of weight gain. As well as increasing the amount of fat that is excreted in the feces in the group of rats receiving a high-fat diet. However, those who want to consume cocoa for these purposes should always consult a doctor. Because this research studies on animals Therefore, it cannot be confirmed that it can be used for safe weight loss. However, weight loss can be done in many ways, such as changing eating habits, exercising, exercising, getting enough sleep, and so on. To the extent of fit so as not to cause adverse effects on health later

Beneficial to the skin

Our skin is changing with age. Which may have wrinkles Freckles for the elderly Or dryness can occur And if the skin is fragile and has less fat on the face, it may cause uneven skin and sag as well.

For the benefits of cocoa on the skin, Studies have been conducted on all 10 healthy women by drinking cocoa drinks containing high and low flavonoids, which found that cocoa drinks with high amounts of flavonoids May help increase the flow of blood under the skin and the concentration of oxygen in the blood. Likewise, Another research study in two women groups revealed that eating foods containing cocoa flavonoids may protect the skin from the sun, helping the blood under the skin to flow better. Also promotes the epidermis to look perfectly beautiful and retain moisture as well

However, the benefits of cocoa on the skin have not been confirmed. Because these research studies are only The experiment in a small sample size only. Therefore there should be further research in this area.

Cocoa consumption safety
Although it is believed that cocoa has many benefits But it is necessary to wait for more research to support the aforementioned results. Therefore, consumers should research nutritional information about cocoa and consume the right amount of cocoa each day. Which, if unsure, should always consult a doctor about the correct dosage and form first In order not to cause side effects that may affect health.

Because cocoa contains caffeine and other related chemicals. If consumed in large quantities, it may cause side effects such as feeling nervous. Increased urination, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, etc. And for those who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding. Eating cocoa may be safe if eaten in moderation or normal amounts found in meals. However, be careful not to consume too much, as the caffeine in cocoa can be harmful to mothers and children.

For people who are under the following conditions should be especially cautious when consuming cocoa.

For people who are under the following conditions should be especially cautious when consuming cocoa.

  1. Heart disease. The caffeine in cocoa can cause people with heart problems to experience palpitations. It also increases heart rate. And can make people with irregular heartbeats worsen Should consume the right amount The recommended daily intake of cocoa is 19-54 grams, dark chocolate in the amount of 46-100 grams per day or cocoa products containing polyphenols in the amount of 16.6-1080 milligrams per day.
  2. High Blood Pressure. The caffeine in cocoa may increase blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. But for those who already consume large amounts of caffeine, they may not have high blood pressure. The amount of cocoa that is recommended to be consumed per day for those who have the problem is to eat chocolate or cocoa that contains po. Polyphenols in the amount of 25-1,080 milligrams per day.
  3. Diabetes. Sugar in products made from cocoa may increase blood sugar levels. Including interfering with the control of blood sugar in diabetic patients
    Abnormal bleeding Cocoa products may slow blood clotting, which increases the risk of abnormal bleeding.
  4. Caffeine glaucoma in cocoa may increase intraocular pressure. Patients should always be careful when consuming cocoa.
  5. Cocoa acid reflux may interfere with the esophagus, resulting in worsening of acid reflux.
  6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diarrhea. If consuming large amounts of caffeine from cocoa products, worsening bowel syndrome and diarrhea patients may worsen.
  7. Migraine Headaches Cocoa may stimulate migraine headaches in people who are sensitive to pain.
  8. Osteoporosis Caffeine from cocoa can cause osteoporosis patients to drive more calcium through urine. Therefore should be careful when eating cocoa at all times
    Patients requiring surgery Consumption of cocoa may interfere with the control of blood sugar levels during and after the operation. Therefore, before undergoing any surgery, patients should stop eating cocoa for at least 2 weeks.
  9. Anxiety Large amounts of caffeine from cocoa can cause patients to experience anxiety or worsen symptoms.