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Dragon King Tribulation, Sheng Chong Against Heaven, Concubine

Number: 0001
Title: Dragon King Tribulation, Sheng Chong Against Heaven, Concubine
Other names: 龙王劫,盛宠逆天商妃, Dragon King Jie, Sheng Chong against Heaven and Shang Fei, Dragon King Jie, Dragon King Jie, Dragon King Jie, Sheng Chong Against Heaven and Shang Fei Miao Bi Pavilion
Author: Liliwei
Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: 3698


She travels through other worlds, and genius becomes waste material. The contracted spirit beast’s rune was seized, but because she made a rune, she contracted a mysterious and powerful man by accident…

Home destroyed? A loved one was killed? White lotus full of scheming? Treasures were seized? Repeatedly assassinated? Said she is trash? It doesn’t matter, she repays these hatreds one by one.
Step by step, she rises domineeringly, and uses her own way to create a way of the king of the mysterious business.

It’s just that whenever she counts money and cramps, she will be severely beaten by a certain high-cold abstinence god…”Marry me, the ten-square treasure house of the Dragon Clan and I will belong to you! How?”


Chapter 1 Beat a small flower
Chapter 2 This Man Is So Dangerous
Chapter 3 Unexpected Contract to a Man
Chapter 4 The bead from the sea is stained with blood
Chapter 5 I promise you a condition
Chapter 6 The Little Girl Is Threatening Him
Chapter 7 If you can’t find Dracaena, you will still die
Chapter 8 This man is a monster at all
Chapter 9 How Can You Be So Unintimidated?
Chapter 10 The Mysterious Tomb
Chapter 11 The five sense organs actually look like the emperor’s clothes
Chapter 12 Just a Bead Gathering Spirits
Chapter 13 You Are So Like Him
Chapter 14 Enough for You to Die a Hundred Times
Chapter 15 He Marries Me With Blank Imperial Decree
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