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The Most Proud Son-in- law-Palace of the Dragon King

The Most Heroic Son-In-Law
Other names: 最豪赘婿-龙王殿, The most arrogant son-in-law-Dragon King Palace, The most arrogant son-in-law-the Palace of the Dragon King, The Most Proud Son-in- law-Palace of the Dragon King
Author: Talking Cigarette
Genre: Novel, Fictional Literature
Release: 2020
Status: Chapter 4934 Completely


Lu Feng, the strongest son-in-law of the Dragon King Palace, is an urban counter-attack novel written by the author of Talking Cigarette. The novel tells the story of Lu Feng being driven out of the house because of the family property competition, but Lu Feng, who has gone out of the house. Because the old man Ji became the home-coming son-in-law of the Ji family, he was not only cold-eyed, but also a wasteful waste. When three years passed, the heirs of the Lu family died and only Lu Feng was left, but Lu Feng was Unwilling to go back.

He am a wasteful son-in-law in the eyes of others; however, a door-to-door son-in-law may not be able to soar for nine days! If she wants it, I can give her the whole world. …


Chapter 1: The wealthy and abandoned son!
Chapter 2: Company Celebration!
Chapter 3: Repayment? ?
Chapter 4: The exact same jade sculpture!
Chapter 5: Divorce Agreement! !
Chapter 6: The show is on!
Chapter 7: Do you dare to bet?
Chapter 8: Five-star appointment! !
Chapter 9: A cutscene?
Chapter 10: Buy a car, get a car!
Chapter 11: Throw a lot of money, shock the audience!
Chapter 12: The second surprise
Chapter 13: Sinister villain!
Chapter 14: Really rich or young?
Chapter 15: The Terror of the Lu Family!
Chapter 16: So you are Lu Feng!
Chapter 17: I’m really not the rich second generation!
Chapter 18: My strength does not allow me to keep a low profile!
Chapter 19: Not only can I touch this car, I can drive it!
Chapter 20: Big Surprise!
Chapter 21: My debt, I will pay it myself!
Chapter 22: Yi Bo Yuntian!
Chapter 23: Gamble again!
Chapter 24: Divorce from Lu Feng!
Chapter 25: So moved.
Chapter 26: Reverse Black and White!
Chapter 27: The contract terminates immediately!
Chapter 28: Go and invite Ji Xueyu back!
Chapter 29: Exciting!
Chapter 30: What I said will be realized!
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