Chapter 1 The Strongest Mercenary

The night breeze is cold, and on the official road, a fast horse is flying.

Long hair flying, cherry-red clothes fluttering in the wind, the light of the stars and moon illuminating the sweat on the horse’s horse, a little shattered light behind her.

No one can think of a crazy ride alone in this barren mountain and wilderness. It turned out to be a woman who was only 13 years old.

The woman pulled the reins tightly in her left hand, held the whip in her right hand, and leaned down close to the horse’s back. The clear eyes revealed the anxiety in her heart.

The moonlight illuminates her face, and the flushed cheeks are smooth and delicate, like eggs that have just been peeled.

However, there was a large dark red birthmark on her cheek on the other side. The birthmark is like a blaze, burning from the left jaw to the right eye, which looks terrifying.

Precisely because he was born with this birthmark, although Su Tianfeng was a daughter-in-law of Xiangfu, he had always lived as a pig and dog.

Her mother’s natal family was in decline, and she had only such an ugly daughter, so the mother-in-law of the prime minister was crushed by her aunts. The mother and daughter have been secretly living for more than a decade, and they have lived together. But two months ago, Su Tianfeng fell ill.

No one knows that the cowardly Su Tianfeng died early in this serious illness, and now she is the strongest female mercenary who has crossed over from another world.

After crossing over, her body was very weak, and her mother kept taking care of her bedside. Until a month later, Su Tianfeng accidentally tried to adjust the internal force, and discovered that there was a huge power hidden in her body, and this power was related to the birthmark on her face.

After the power awakened, Su Tianfeng quickly recovered to health, but at this time his mother fell.

Based on her experience as a mercenary, she knew that there was an herbal medicine that could cure her mother’s illness. She finally found the herbal medicine with great pains, and she had to deliver it to her mother in any case.

Su Tianfeng rushed the road for three days and three nights without changing horses. She wished she could grow her wings back to the imperial city and deliver the medicine in her arms to her mother’s bed.

Quick horse whip, along the official road speeding all the way.

After a detour, Su Tianfeng took the horse fiercely. What appeared before her was an amazing sight!

On the narrow official road between two mountains and one ditch, the two teams of horses are fighting here and are inseparable. The corpses covered the ground and the blood ran into the river. One of the teams was clearly defeated, but the few people left were still fighting with fear of death.

Seeing the need for a strong battle, Su Tianfeng’s eyes flashed, and where did these people fight badly? Why did you want to block this necessary road!

She didn’t want to delay for a minute and a second, she simply gritted her teeth and rushed towards the battlefield.

The horseshoe stepped on the ground, splashing bleeding flowers and flying, just when the horse body and a corpse passed by, Su Tianfeng put one foot on the stirrup, tightened the reins with one hand, rolled over halfway, landed with one hand, picked up from the body A long sword, and then a strong waist, turned back on horseback and sat firmly.

A whole set of movements is like walking in the clouds and flowing water. Su Tianfeng clenched the long sword in his hand and urged this huge power in his body.

When this force was urged, the dark red birthmark also disappeared from her face!

Clamping the horse belly with his legs, Su Tianfeng rushed into the fighting crowd like a blaze.

In front of Su Tianfeng, there is no enemy. Those who blocked her path became the ghost under her sword!

The rhythm of the battlefield was suddenly disrupted by Su Tianfeng. A man in the center of the battlefield first noticed this.

The woman was fierce, wielding a long sword without any mud or water, it was precise and fast, like lightning! She swept the battlefield like this and killed a bloody road!

Along the way, the man and his men have encountered hundreds of robberies, and they were exhausted. Seeing that the imperial city is coming, he knows that this must be the last battle. If the woman is an enemy, he will die here! But looking closely, the man concluded that this woman is not his enemy!

Since traversing into this world, Su Tianfeng was the first such killing. Just when she almost flushed her eyes, one person and one ride suddenly appeared beside her, blocking the side attack for her.

On the battlefield, there was only screams and screams. With the instinct of the strongest mercenary, Su Tianfeng realized that the man beside him was not hostile to himself.

Yu Guang in the corner of his eyes could see the man covered with blood all over his face. He was holding a sword and beheading the enemy. The powerful momentum made Su Tianfeng all changed.

It’s no wonder that although the men and women led by this man have lost, they are still pressing each other in momentum.

Such thoughts just flashed in my mind, Su Tianfeng took advantage of someone’s help to speed up. She wants to get rid of these troubles as soon as possible, the sooner the better!

Su Tianfeng and the man fluttered each other from left to right, and rushed out of the tight surrounding circle like a hot knife.

The two fast horses rushed out of the battlefield with blood, Su Tianfeng was anxious, raised his whip, and did not stay for a minute and a second.

The man watched the woman go away, and then took the horse to turn his head, and he saw behind him a scene as tragic as hell.

If the woman appeared a little later, he must die here!

Who would have thought that a woman has such a powerful strength! Just to pass by, one enemy is one hundred, killing is like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves!

Su Tianfeng rushed into the city gate with his blood stains and ran straight to the prime minister’s house. When she came to the gate of Xiangfu, she just turned over and dismounted, and the fast horse fell to the ground with a thump. Su Tianfeng glanced back, and his heart was sour, but he gritted his teeth and ran straight to the inner house.

Su Tianfeng, holding the life-saving medicine in his hand, stood in front of his mother’s bed, looked at the already cold body, and sighed for a long time.

Still failed to catch up.

“How long have you been?” Su Tianfeng’s voice was a little dry, and he turned to look at the maid Chuntao and asked.

Chun Tao’s eyes cried red, and he answered timidly, “It was yesterday afternoon…”

People swallowed yesterday afternoon, and now they are still on the bed like this?

Su Tianfeng raised his eyebrows and said angrily, “Since it happened yesterday afternoon, why haven’t you seen the mourning in the palace!”

“Master went to the palace to work, and it didn’t take a while to come back. The second lady stopped her, so…”

Before Chun Tao finished speaking, Su Tianfeng went straight to the second lady’s yard.

Su Tianfeng appeared in the hall with blood stains all over his face, and made Su Muen and his wife a great jump.

Su Muen, the prime minister of the past, finally had good concentration. After being surprised, he calmed down and said angrily, “Your wicked beast, has not yet left the cabinet, even left the prime minister’s house without going home for a few nights. Daughter!”

Su Tianfeng looked at Su Muen with cold eyes, and said in a deep voice, “You can not deny my daughter, but your wives. Now that she is dead, why don’t you mourn her immediately and let her settle down? “

Su Muen was stunned. In his impression, Su Tianfeng should be an inconspicuous child behind her mother. Since when did she dare to speak to herself like this?

The pressure that burst out of her did not lose to him, who has been a prime minister for many years!

Su Muen was about to speak, but felt the second wife Qi Huishu gently pulled his arm.

Qi Huishu has charming eyes and flamboyant lips, and she is very coquettish. Although she has already given birth to a child and a daughter, she is considered a half-old milfs. She can be maintained properly, her skin is delicate and smooth, and her figure is more delicate and exquisite.

With a frightened expression on her face, she shrank softly to Su Muen, and said softly, “Master, Tianfeng is still a child, and he doesn’t understand the things about adults, don’t be angry with her. Big sister She Quan Under the knowledge, I must not be willing to delay the life-long events of the children because of myself. Not to mention this is also for the stability of Xiangfu.”

Then she got up and came to Su Tianfeng again, posing as a kind mother, lamenting, “Tianfeng, the elder sister is gone, we are very sad, but for the future of our Su family, this funeral of the elder sister must be delayed for a while Time is not allowed. When the marriage between your 2nd sister and King Wuwei is settled, we will send the elder sister into the earth for peace, so as not to hurry now. Isn’t this better?”

Su Tianfeng heard what she said and immediately understood what she meant.

A few days ago Wuwei Wang Longqian Yao returned triumphantly, and the emperor was overjoyed, and when talking about the reward, Long Qianyao asked the emperor to give him a family matter, and he was the one to choose.

The emperor agreed on the spot, and this incident suddenly set off an uproar among these prominent people in the imperial city.

Although the emperor is now in his prime, he is weak and sick. Recently, he is rumored to have the intention of establishing a reserve.

Among the princes, Long Qianyao can be described as the leader. Not only did he repeatedly make war achievements, but he also held heavy soldiers in his hands, and it was quite emperor-like to act for others.

If anyone’s daughter can marry into the palace of Wuwei, it is very likely that her daughter will ascend to the sky in the future.

Although the second wife, Su Tianjiao, was only a girl, she was hailed as the first beauty of the imperial city because of her talent. Coupled with Su Muen’s love for their mother and daughter, Su Tianjiao is also very likely to climb this high branch.

At this time, if the mother is mourning, then Su Tianjiao has to observe the three-year filial piety. In this way, he must miss the great opportunity of this day.

At the beginning, the reason why Su Tianfeng was able to find the medicine successfully was because of the great help of the second wife. Later, Su Tianfeng decided to go out of the government office alone to find the medicine to save her mother, and she also received the full support of the second wife.

Now that I want to come, she must do all those things in order to save the life of the mother and mother, so that Su Tianjiao will marry the king of Wuwei before the three-year funeral.

Su Tianfeng smiled with anger.

Under such circumstances, how can one press the mistress of the mistress and not do it, and go to accommodate a married woman?

Su Tianfeng looked at Mrs. Er coldly and said, “I think Mrs. Er, you are ruining the Su’s family. The mistress is dead but not mourning. Do you think you can really conceal this? Humanity is ear-to-wall. House, won’t there be one or two ears, three or five eyes of others!”

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