Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 1 Recap

Xu Yiren Dismissed Fang Zhiyoucheng Xu Yiren Superior.

In the elegant environment of the restaurant, the CEO of Fangyuan Company knows to meet with the opposite sex. He does not give the opposite sex face, and criticizes the opposite sex clothing and makeup.

Living in the present, talking can’t be too direct, only knowing that he completely angered the opposite sex and was picked up by the opposite sex to splash water. Xu Yiren and friend Gao Ming, who was sitting at the next table, witnessed Fang Zhi’s ugly process. The two left the restaurant and happened to share the elevator with Fang Zhiyou. Gao Ming received a call from his girlfriend and lied that he had dinner with his parents. Really, I thought Gao Ming cheated on his girlfriend, Xu Yiren was Xiaosan.

Fang Zhiyou returned to the company, the director He Yuwen counted down and he left an assistant. Xu Yiren received a phone call from the company leader and hurried back to the company, lied that his water pipe burst, delaying the time to meet customers. What surprised her was that the customers who came to the company knew that they had had a relationship.

Fang Zhi remembered the Xu Yi people and knew that Xu Yi people were lying. He didn’t see Xu Yi people in the restaurant not long ago. In a blink of an eye, Xu Yi people said they were repairing water pipes at home. Fang Zhiyou disliked the Xu Yi people and announced the cancellation of the company cooperation with Xu Yi people.

Xu Yiren lost a big order and was dismissed by the leader. On the day of his return home, his friend Shady was uninvited on a motorcycle. Xu Yiren went to Fang Zhiyou’s company for a job and was mocked by Fang Zhiyou.

He Yuwen is looking for assistants for Fang Zhi. Fang Zhi is too picky about the previous assistants. He Yu Wen knows that it is difficult to find a suitable assistant, so the dead horse becomes a living horse doctor and actively recruits Xu Yiren. Fang Zhi returned to work in the company and recognized Xu Yi who came to work in the company. Because He Yuwen insisted on hiring Xu Yi, Fang Zhiyou had to give up.

Xu Yiren sent documents into the office, only to know that someone sat in an office chair and closed his eyes to sleep. Xu Yiren walked to the desk, put down the carton in his hand, and yelled Fang Zhiyou. Fang Zhiyou slept deadly. Xu Yiren remembered that he had lost his job because Fang Zhiyou immediately got angry. He walked over to Fang Zhiyou and bent over to see Fang Zhiyou sleeping. Unexpectedly, someone suddenly woke up, opened his eyes, and faced Xu Yi’s face.

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