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The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife

The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife
Other names: 흑화하는 서브 남주의 아내랍니다
Author: 김뽀삐
Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Lucien Cardien, a hero who led a long victorious battle, was sub-male who became so bitter that he turned wicked. And I’m his terrible fiancée. That’s just how it is!In order to escape the bad ending, he must somehow increase his favorability.He treated me nicely, stamped my seals and even helped me get closer with Yeoju. But, what is this reaction?‘Lady Fernia… Don’t provoke me any more.’


Chapter 0 (The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife)
Chapter 1 (The Blackened Second Male Lead’s Wife)

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