Khao Wong Phrachan Mountain in Lopburi Province, Thailand

Challenge you to walk up to the Mountain with 3,790 Steps at Khao Wong Phrachan Mountain, Lopburi Province of Thailand

Khao Wong Phrachan Mountain or เขาวงพระจันทร์ located at Huai Pong, Khok Samrong District, Lopburi province. Khao Wong phrachan can be said this is the highest mountain of this province. The higher ground around 650 meters above sea level. Around Khao Wong Phrachan mountain has stairs up to the top of the mountain about 3,790 step and length 1,680 meters. When you walk to up hill and down hill will be about 7,580 step. Also they have another step up from the mountain around 180 stage. You will takes about 2-3 hours to get there. The two sides are full of forest and some market.

On this peak can be prostrate on worship of Buddha’s footprint, worship of God and the holy things such as Chinese Guan Yu God Prince, Sam Chung Tang, The king of Dai chum, Lord Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and etc.

When you come up to the mountain peak that you can see 360 degree views of Lop Buri province. On this peak you can see the mountains view, forests, fields and houses with the wind blow and that will give us on the moment of unforgettable. Also in this place have the Big Buddha for blessings call “Phra Prang Chiang Saen Buddha Statue” in the middle of the hill with the lap size about 45 meters wide and 75 meters high.

Visitors can walk up the Hill at any time for 24 hours and during the night you will see beautiful light on the mountain when they have festival. But when no festival that will not be light at night. I recommended that you should visit the mountain from 5.00 am – 18.00 pm.

What you should prepare before you go up there?

  1. Sneaker
  2. Salts, balm, aromatherapy, aches and muscle pains
  3. water or you can buy at mini store on the way to the mountain
  4. Umbrella, hat, sunglasses
  5. Prepare your mind and body ready and fit

Note that in the mountain also have a lot of monkeys so don’t feed any foods for monkeys because you might be bitten by monkeys.

How to get there:

  • By Car – From the town of Lopburi province then take Highway No. 1 to Phaholyothin road (Lopburi-khok samrong) about approximately 25 km then you will see signpost and turn right into band measure about 5 km and straight to the Khao Wong Phrachan Mountain
  • By Buses – From Lopburi Bus Terminal – Khok Samrong to the entrance of the temple then hire motorcycles from the entrance to the mountain about 5 kilometers.

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