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A paper spoiled marriage: wife, you are so sweet

A paper spoiled marriage: wife, you are so sweet
Other names: 一纸宠婚:老婆,你好香
Author: Shallow Mirror
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


The protagonist is Dr. Lu, Jiang Jia’s novel “A Paper Spoiled Marriage: Wife, How Scented” This article is an original modern romance essay by Qian Mirror. The writing is excellent and the content is wonderful. It is definitely a high-quality novel that is worth reading. The main story is that Jiang Shijun is noncommittal, but he obviously regards her as such a person. Yu Zhi walked up to him with a serious look, “Mr. Jiang, I am shortlisted for this year’s rookie perfumer with my strength, without relying on anyone, I…


Chapter 0 wife, you are so sweet
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