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One Paper Doting Marriage: Male God Night knocks on the door

One Paper Doting Marriage: Male God Night knocks on the door
Other names: 一纸宠婚:男神夜敲门
Author: Cozy Anrong
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


One sentence.

Stretching, Ye Zixi called her assistant: “Xiao Bai, wait for me downstairs to eat.”

While talking, he walked out.

Just as soon as I went out, I saw the promise from Zhongxing Pengyue.

Ye Zixi’s eyes were slightly cool.

The promise is a quasi-first-line female artist who moved from Universal to Shengyao last year. Since the promise came, Ye Zixi’s resources have been divided into half. Ye Zixi didn’t care at all at first, and never regarded her as an opponent. , But this time…

She only realized that she was too naive.

Some people, if you don’t provoke her, she will rush to bother you.

“Oh, isn’t this the goddess of our nation? Why is there no one beside me? Isn’t the goddess traveling with stars Gongyue?” The fingers promised to be painted with red nail polish swayed like this, and they almost swayed to Ye Zixi. Eyes.

Ye Zixi squinted his eyes, his eyes filled with indifference: “Sometimes the stars are not the moon, and there is space junk.”

After the poisonous tongue was over, he was ready to pass her by.

Hearing what she meant, promised to explode, and grabbed Ye Zixi’s arm, “Who do you think is rubbish!”

With uncontrollable anger and jealousy on the face with beautiful makeup, he firmly grasped Ye Zixi’s arm.

Ye Zi didn’t change her face to the west, and looked at her disdainfully as if looking at an ant, “Did I say you, do you blame me for being seated?”

The idle words fell in the ears of promise and it became Chi Guoguo’s provocation.

“You! What’s that, Ye Zixi, you think you are still the lofty national goddess now, you are not as good as rubbish now!”

He promised that his eyes were red, and Ye Zixi was agitated, and he couldn’t stop talking.

Ye Zixi laughed mockingly, and was angry at what she said. She threw her hand away, her eyes were cold, and she whispered in her ear, “Heh, you think this can trample me under my feet, I Tell you, it’s impossible!”

In the last sentence, the evil spirit said wantonly.

It really frightened the promise and took a few steps back.

Not only the promise, but also the staff around the promise.

The promised agent saw that something was wrong, and hurriedly rounded it off: “It’s all from the same company, why bother, Sister Ye, we promise to be young and vigorous, and you don’t want to be familiar with her.”

This is for Ye Zixi’s face.

But Ye Zixi just didn’t take it, and replied lightly: “Young and vigorous? If I remember correctly, this year Sister Xu is still three years older than me.”

This face slapped…cracks!

Age has always been a thorn in the heart of promise, and now she is regarded as the opponent’s Ye


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