The Eight 外八行 Episode 12 Recap

Hua Minchu and Liu Qing tried their best to protect their parents’ feelings, and condemned Liu Qing for not flying out of the old and pedantic behaviors of the Eight Elements, but instead helped him to abuse his relatives and sisters. Hua Minchu repeatedly claimed that Liu Qing was unworthy. Being Liu Yan’s sister, Liu Qing was speechless. Xishui tried his best to defend the early Huaminchu. Liu Qing ordered Huaminchu to be arrested and Xishui worked hard to protect the early Huaminchu.

It turns out that Zhong Yao is Liu Er, the King of Truth Listening. She ventured to Kunming this time to ask Qin Lanting about the situation of Yu Zhi. Qin Lanting felt that Yu Zhi had been dead for so many years, and he did not want to mention the past. It is still alive. Xi Shui gave up her life to save Hua Min Chu, admitting that the love story was false, and she also confessed that Hua Min Chu was not his brother. Hua Min Chu could not wait to leave here, and suddenly a masked man in black attacked Hua. At the beginning of the Republic of China, Xishui desperately protected the beginning of the Republic of China, and the man in black used the unique skills of an anode teacher. Xishui guessed that he was his senior brother Xihe.

Hua Minchu woke up in a daze and found that the water was missing. Ke Shu hurriedly reported Xue Fengming’s dangerous situation to him. Hua Minchu went to rescue him without saying a word. Rao Dujun sent a car to pick up Xue Fengming. Li Jue and Hua Minchu and others came to save the people in time. Hua Minchu also asked the soldiers to go back to report to Rao Dujun, saying that Xue Fengming was a person of Eight Lines. Yang Zhaoshan and Ding Tianci successfully escaped from danger. The more they wanted to get out of the fire, they wanted to lead troops to destroy Dujun Rao. The early Huamin suggested that the whole southwest should be energized, and Dujun Rao’s ambitions should be publicized. Yang Zhaoshan called on the whole army to protect General Xue Jian’s legacy. Wonderful, Ding Tianci wanted to keep Hua Minchu in the army as a high-level ginseng, but Huagu resolutely refused to agree. Xue Fengming explained that disbanding the Eight Elements is equally important, and Ding Tianci no longer reluctantly.

Fang Yuanji did not ask about the location of Posanyepo. He was forced to follow the advice of the expert behind the scenes to shoot himself and wound him, and then apply Yiyang’s poison powder to find out the specific location of Sanyepo. , Fang Yuanji summoned the courage to fire a shot into his arm. At the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty, a telegram was drafted and sent to various military headquarters in the southwest, debunking that Dujun Rao had held Xue Fengming to prevent Xue Jian’s legacy from being announced, and he also held Ding Tianci and Yang Zhaoshan in the house. The wolf’s ambitions were clearly revealed and called on all armies. Conquer Rao Dujun together.

Since Liu Yan was burned to death, Xi He went to Siam to learn the secrets and wanted Yi Yang to rise. He once again returned to Sanyepo, where he had been absent for a long time, and begged Liu Qing to betroth Xishui to him. He promised Killed Hua Minchu and made Xishui the king of Yiyang again. Xishui was determined not to marry Xihe. She admitted that she originally wanted to pull Hua Minchu into Yiyang, but she had been in contact with him for a long time and witnessed him saving the people. , San Ba ​​Xing, began to like Hua Min Chu, Liu Qing disagreed with Xi Shui marrying Hua Min Chu, when his sister Liu Yan was deceived by the envoy, she must not let Xi Shui be deceived by Hua Min Chu, Liu Qing was angry. She was not allowed to go out, Xishui and Liu Qing fought hard, accusing her of wanting to avenge her personal revenge. Liu Qing did not buy it at all and forced Xishui to marry Xihe.

There were only five days left before the proclamation of the legacy. There was a pouring rain in the sky, and the cloud cleared and the sun soon cleared. As expected, the southwestern army was furious and recorded that the army gathered in Kunming. They condemned Rao Dujun’s headquarters together. Rao Dujun packed up his things and wanted to escape, but was stuck halfway through the heavy rain and had nothing to do. Yang Zhaoshan immediately reported the good news to Hua Min Chu.

Xue Fengming didn’t want to stay in the Yang Mansion anymore, worrying that outsiders would misunderstand that Yang Zhaoshan had taken her hostage. Huamin initially wanted to take Xue Fengming back to Qin Lanting’s Land of Thousand Hands, but Yang Zhaoshan no longer retained her. The southwestern armies gathered at the headquarters. They all suspected that the opponent had held Xue Fengming away. In the end, Ding Tianci was too late and sat directly on the chair where General Xue Jian used to be. Yang Zhaoshan came to tell everyone about Xue Fengming’s The notice was announced on March 3rd on time. Ding Tianci asked about Xue Fengming’s whereabouts, but Yang Zhaoshan asked three questions.

Zhong Yao went through the matter and made sure that Yu Zhi was still alive, and he had been using his own son, Hua Minchu, in order to repay the deep hatred of the year. Zhong Yao decided to find out the truth at all costs, and Qin Lanting persuaded her to proceed with caution. Don’t get involved in the grievances of the older generations, because few people in the Eight Lines know that Zhong Yao is Liu Er. Qin Lanting revealed that Zhong Yao’s mother, Shao Yu, was also worried about this matter. Zhong Yao asked the reason for it, Qin Lanting Keep silent, Zhong Yao wants to find out for himself.

Hua Min Chu brought Xue Fengming to Qianyangfang. Qin Lanting took the disciples out to greet him. Qi Ming and Jin Xiuniang also came. Hua Min Chu ridiculed Qiming and asked everyone to conceal Xue Fengming’s whereabouts. Qin Mulan Ting called Hua Minchu to see Zhong Yao at the Waterlily Pond. Zhong Yao used the excuse to delay his shipment to the United States, so he came here to wait for Hua Minchu, who gave Zhong Yao the iris seeds.

Qin Lanting asked Huagu about the character of the early Huagu. Huagu felt that the early Huagu people were good. Qin Lanting persuaded Huagu to use his brains and not act impulsively. Qin Lanting asked her about Li Jue’s situation. Huagu hurried away under the excuse of something. He Yun gave Li Jue a piece of flower cake, and asked him if he wanted to be the master of the thousand hands.

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