My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 13 Plot

King decided to divorce beads and Yintai Heng River Park Chan to Kim Eun-hee open their hearts

Lee Jin- suk rushed to support Kim Sang-sik. Kim Sang-sik gradually came to his senses. Lee Jin-suk sent him to the hospital. He overheard that a pair of children were troubled by their parents. Lee Jin-sook couldn’t help but remember that when she proposed to Kim Sang-sik to marry him, the three children also I also face troubles, full of self-blame.

Lin Jianzhou came to Pu Canhe’s studio and called Pu Canhe to meet and talk in detail. He drove Pu Canhe to an open-air restaurant in the suburbs and the two ate boiled chicken together. Yoon Tae-hyung went to find his mother for a showdown. He wanted to divorce Kim Eun-joo as soon as possible. She was not allowed to pester Kim Eun-joo, or she would go to his father. Yoon Tae-hyung wanted to transfer the hospital. Jin Zhiyu told Jin Enxi that Park Canha had never had a driver’s license, and complained that she didn’t care about Park Canha.

Jin Enxi called Pu Canhe, and Pu Canhe only said to have a meal. Jin Enxi mistakenly thought he was going on a blind date and hung up the phone. Lin Jianzhou guessed that it was Jin Enxi’s call and talked about Jin Enxi with Park Canhe. Lee Jin-suk persuaded Kim Sang-sik to go to the big hospital for a good check, but he disagreed and didn’t want to cause trouble to the children. Kim Ji-woo had been waiting for his mother downstairs. He saw his father driving his mother home from a distance. The information informs Kim Eun-joo and Kim Eun-hee about the sweet scene of their parents returning from a date, but neither of them responded.

Lin Jianzhou asked Jingyu to have dinner with her and asked her if there were any rumors about the company. He was worried that it would have a bad influence on Jin Enxi. Jin Eunxi went to the restaurant to pick him up and thanked him for his hard work. Lin Jianzhou wanted to explain Jin Haona to Jin Eunxi. If you break him, I believe that he and Jin Haona will not be broken.

Yin Tae-hyung took Jin Eun-joo to find a lawyer to go through the divorce procedures. He sincerely apologized to Jin Eun-joo and promised to leave the house to her and leave the house by himself. Jin Eunxi took Park Canhe to practice driving skills, but Park Canhe never knew what to do. Jin Eunxi kept nagging him by the side, and Park Canhe was overwhelmed. During the break, Kim Eun-hee talked about her breaking up with Jongmin, and Park Canhe ignored her since then. Park Canhe clearly remembers that Zongmin’s empathy, and he asked Zongmin to tell Jin Eunxi clearly that Zongmin refused to do it. , And also warned Park Canhe not to contact Kim Eun-xi in the future.

Kim Eun-joo wanted to confess her divorce with Yoon Taehyung to her mother. Kim Eun-hee fully supported her and cheered her up. Kim Eun-joo went home. Lee Jin-sook hurriedly prepared food for her. Kim Eun-hee bought a lot of beer and food. While eating and chatting, Li Jinsook talked about his dream of backpacking, but unfortunately, he never made the trip. Jin Eunxi promised to take her on the trip. Li Jinsook wanted to take the two of them together.

Kim Sang-sik came to the team to see Kim Sang-sik. The father and son drag racing together, talking and laughing happily. Kim Sang-sik played the guitar and Kim Ji-woo persuaded him to go home. Kim Sang-sik was very happy and promised to think about it. When Jin Zhiyu went home, he saw Li Zhenshu taking his two sisters to drink and chat. They chatted in full swing, and Jin Zhiyu joined them.

Lee Jin-suk brought Kim Sang-sik to the hospital for a physical examination. Kim Sang-sik was very nervous. Lee Jin-sook admitted that he had never thought about Kim Eun-joo’s biological father and once relied on Kim Sang-sik as a mountain, and persuaded him not to torture himself for this matter. Lee Jinsuk thanked him for his persistence over the years. , Kim Sang-sik was very moved.

On the day of the driving test, Park Canhe was very nervous, and the nagging of Cash Enxi flashed in his mind from time to time. Not far away suddenly appeared the figure of his mother and brother. He missed the car and drove the car up the steps. Jin Eunxi came to the driving school to pick him up and put him directly. Take home, Park Canhe talked about his childhood experience. He accompanied his mother to the driving school test, and his aunt accompanied his brother to the summer camp.

When the mother got the driver’s license, he received news that his brother died in a car accident. The test has become their family’s eternal pain. When Pu Canhe saw Jin Zhiyu, he took care of him as his own brother. Jin Enxi did not expect that Pu Canhe would still have such a painful experience in his heart and hugged his shoulders tightly.

Jin Enxi wanted to drive away, but Park Canhe caught up with her, repeatedly clarifying that these words were only for people who accompany him for a lifetime, and that Park Canhe would be Jin Enxi’s lifelong friend, even if one day gets tired and crooked, he will not leave.