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Delicious Wife

Delicious Wife
Other names: 美味佳妻, Delicious Wife Little Master
Author: Young Master
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 392


The former rich young grandmother was once reduced to a divorced little pitiful. I wanted to grab an individual to deal with the ex-husband and the mistress’s braveness, but I didn’t expect to get the cold-faced president by mistake. Huh? What about the indifference? ! Mr. Yan: At present, beauty, what do you want to be reserved and indifferent!


Chapter 1 Divorce
Chapter 2 You Are Not Eligible to Appear
Chapter 3 Has nothing to do with you
Chapter 4 Don’t accept interviews
Chapter 5 Turn to the past
Chapter 6 Tearing Face
Chapter 7 This is nothing wrong
Chapter 8 Miss Gu, I beg Please
Chapter 9 Can’t Tolerate Me
Chapter 10 It’s Just a Raise of Hands
Chapter 11 Entrusted with Others
Chapter 12 Don’t Go Too Close to Yan Chen
Chapter 13 Afraid of Your Loss
Chapter 14 Yan Chen’s Wrath
Chapter 15 You really have a good temper
Chapter 16 There is no room for negotiation
Chapter 17 I will taste it
Chapter 18 Did she divorce for you?
Chapter 19 Can’t Help But Do Something
Chapter 20 Food Blogger
Chapter 21 Yan Chen, a local tyrant
Chapter 22 Do You Know Me? Ho ho
Chapter 23 The Relationship Is Great
Chapter 24 Let go of my baby
Chapter 379 I don’t need me here
Chapter 380 Who is the best?
Chapter 381 Come prepared
Chapter 382 Pack things up, get me away
Chapter 383 A human life, not a small one
Chapter 384 It is right and right to tie you
Chapter 385 Miss Yun is really good to enjoy
Chapter 386 Wife and child hot kangtou
Chapter 387 Come here in person Pick you up
Chapter 388 worthy of respect
Chapter 389 Yun Cheng, he is dead
Chapter 390 You can never return to the Yun family
Chapter 391 What to sleep ,stand up!
Chapter 392 Yan Zhiya is Crazy
Chapter 393 Finale
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