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Genius Mengbao: Daddy, don’t be anxious

Genius Mengbao: Daddy, don’t be anxious
Other names: 天才萌宝:爹地,别心急
Author:  Nai Naisheng
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 1479


She was framed by his stepmother and kicked out of the house. She returned with his son five years later. One day, his son brought a powerful godfather who looked a lot like him. “Mommy, this will be your man in the future. Not only is he rich, but also He is handsome and good at dealing with all kinds of intractable diseases. No one dares to bully Mommy!”
Unexpectedly, he turned out to be found?
“I reject!”

He slammed it in front of her with a paper; “Woman, do you want to admit it?”
“…” He committed evil, Qiao Qiao never expected that the man five years ago was Xiao Yuchen.
The two who were tied together by the cute baby were about to enter the wedding hall but the conspiracy was shattered by a car accident. Two years later, Qiao Qiao, who lost his memory, attended a charity banquet with his two-year-old son, but was forced by a pair of super-looking father and son. To the corner?
The big black face threw out the marriage certificate; “Recognize clearly, I am your husband.”
The little one took the biubiu toy gun and pointed at the little bun in her arms; “Quickly, call brother!”


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