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Mysterious emperor sweet love wife

Mysterious emperor sweet love wife
Other names: 神秘帝少甜宠妻
Author:  Yunchan
Genre: Novel
Release: 2020
Status:  Chapter 1358 Finale


“Mysterious Emperor Shao Sweet and Petting His Wife” is a romantic novel written by the author Yun Chan. It is currently over. The protagonists are Xia Chu and Xiao Lengting. The story of the novel mainly tells “You are mine.” The demon announcement resounded. In her ear. He is powerful, cold and strong, but he alone holds her as a treasure in his palm, and he is infinitely pampered. When she was assassinated by her stepmother, betrayed by her beloved, and reduced to nothing, he came by air. The overbearing and cold-blooded president incarnates a spoiled wife and a mad demon, stepping on the scumbag, destroying the cheap girl, and doting her to heaven. “My dear, marry me, I will make the pair of scumbags kneel in front of you and call your aunt.”


Chapter 0 Mysterious emperor sweet love wife
Chapter 001 The coming-of-age gift for you
Chapter 002 You beg me, I will save you
Chapter 003 Stay By My Side
Chapter 004 I’m Back
Chapter 005 The Revenge Plan Begins
Chapter 006 Make a Big News
Chapter 007 Brothers, Borrow Fire
Chapter 008 I won’t let you off tonight
Chapter 009 I move you still
Chapter 010 To Obey The Rules Of The Game Well
Chapter 011 Unless you give me a fire
Chapter 012 Had a great time last night
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