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The best almighty student writing

The best almighty student writing
Other names: 极品全能学生, Ultimate Almighty Student, Need for all-round students
Author: Huadu Big Young
Genre: Novel
Release: 2020
Status: 11466


A car accident changed my life. Various adventures came one after another. Full score in the exam, scratching music must be hit, basketball genius, swimmer choose one? No, Lao Tzu is almighty.


Chapter 1 Hello Kitty
Chapter 2 The Pooh Cartoon
Chapter 3 Hot Chili
Chapter 4 One Hit Four
Chapter 5 Scratch off
Chapter 6 Antique Street
Chapter 7 Ancient Buddha Relics
Chapter 8 Jian Bao
Chapter 9 Master Asan
Chapter 10 Quicksand
Chapter 11 Birthday Party
Chapter 12 Birthday Present
Chapter 13 The Most Romantic Gift
Chapter 14 Come Once a Month
Chapter 15 Shot
Chapter 16 Meeting Quicksand Again
Chapter 17 The World’s Number One Swordsman
Chapter 18 Apprentice
Chapter 19 The Professor of Beijing University’s Making Things Difficult
Chapter 20 The Big Beauty Tang Yan
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