My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 15 Plot

After Kim Sang-sik’s operation, he and Lee Jin- sook are cherishing each other and Lee Jin- sook learns the real reason why Kim Ji-woo left home

Jin Zhiyu wanted to send messages, emails and letters to Jin Enxi , but finally gave up. He chose three necklaces, and then sent a long message to Park Canhe and left. Kim Eun-joo learned that Kim Ji-woo had left without saying goodbye, and hurriedly came to the joining studio to discuss countermeasures with Kim Eun-hee.

Lee Jin-suk took care of Kim Sang-sik in the hospital, voluntarily confessing that he had deliberately not explained to him, just to irritate him, Kim Sang-suk also admitted that he secretly stored sleeping pills because of his anger. Yoon Tae-hyung transferred Kim Sang-sik to the single room. He came to the ward to visit Kim Sang-sik and told him about the precautions of fasting before the operation. Lee Jin-sook was very indifferent to Yoon Tae-hyung, which puzzled Kim Sang-sik.

Yoon Tae-hyung informed Kim Eun-joo about the operation of Kim Sang-sik, and explained that he had memory loss after the operation. Kim Eun-joo brought Kim Eun-hee to the hospital to see him. Kim Sang-sik learned that Kim Ji-woo had something to go abroad, so he didn’t ask more. The operation will be carried out immediately. The two daughters sent Kim Sang-sik to the door of the operating room. Kim Sang-sik held Li Jinsuk’s hand tightly for a long time and refused to let go.

Due to the poor location of the tumor, the doctor took a long time to remove the tumor. Lee Jin-sook took Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo anxiously waiting outside the door of the operating room. The metallographic vegetation was pushed to the ward. He struggled to open his eyes and watch the mother and daughter three. The heartbeat suddenly disappeared at the first glance. The mother and daughter Lee Jinsuk called for help again and again. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Kim Sang-sik finally escaped. He saw Lee Jinsuk and his two daughters through the window and excitedly raised his hands to them. .

Park Canhe has been waiting for news in the hospital lobby, and Kim Eun-xi will report to him on the operation as soon as possible. Yoon Tae-hyung persuaded Li Jinsuk to go home and rest. Kim Sang-sik has not found any sequelae for the time being. The tumor has to wait for the test results to come out and Ai can know whether it is benign or malignant. Li Jinsuk hurried home to pack his things. Only Kim Eun-joo and Yoon Tae-hyung were left outside the ward. Kim Eun-joo admitted that after she had finished the abortion, Kim Sang-sik had come to visit her and sent her Matsutake mushrooms picked from the mountain to nourish her body.

Park Canhe wants Jin Zhiyu to come back to visit his father. Jin Zhiyu has no money to buy the ticket, so Park Canhe transfers the money to him on the spot. Jin Eun-joo quickly chose an office building, but because of family affairs, she didn’t have time to stare at the furniture, so she asked Liu Minyu for help. Kim Sang-sik gradually recovered. He was able to wander down the ground with a cane. Yoon Tae-hyung said goodbye to Kim Eun-joo and wanted to leave tomorrow.

Jin Ji-woo returned home today. Jin Eun-hee was worried that Kim Eun-joo would beat him up, so he discussed with Park Can-ha to protect him. Kim Ji-woo returned to Park Can-ha’s studio when he got off the plane. Kim Ji-woo came outside the ward. He plucked up the courage to go in to see his parents. Kim Sang-sik was so excited that he lied that he had gone to Canada, and Lee Jin-sook did not expose him. When Li Jinsook was cleaning up the room, he saw the letter written by Jin Jiwoo to Jin Eun-hee. Although the group became a group, he stated in the letter that he wanted to get rid of the bondage of the family and did not want to live like his father.

Jin Eunxi soon received the three necklaces that Jin Zhiyu bought before leaving and gave them to the mother and daughter. Kim Eun-joo, Kim Eun-hee and Kim Ji-woo took turns to accompany Kim Sang-sik in rehabilitation training. Lee Jin-suk saw it all. Kim Sang-suk couldn’t help but remember the scene of his injury and hospitalization. Lee Kim-suk came to the hospital every day to take care of him, but the two of them never said a word. Lee Chun-suk admitted At that time, he didn’t really come to take care of him. He advised Kim Sang-sik to go home and cultivate well after he was discharged from the hospital, and stop worrying about the children.

Park Canhe accompanies Jin Enxi to the supermarket to buy food. Jin Enxi learns that Jin Zhiyu is depressed every day, and he has lost his innocent smile. Jin Enxi hopes that Jin Zhiyu can find himself and be happy again. Kim Eun-xi gave one of the necklaces to Kim Eun-joo, and Kim Eun-joo reminded Kim Eun-joo not to treat Kim Ji-woo as an inexperienced child, only in this way can he mature as soon as possible.

Liu Minyu drove Jin Eunzhu to the company. On the way, Liu Minyu received a call from his mother. Her mother kept asking him how to distinguish negative gender and the secret recipe for making hot sauce. Jin Eunzhu couldn’t help but laugh. Jin Enxi came to participate in a three-month training course. The presenter was Lin Jianzhou and Lin Jianzhou talked freely.

They were very popular among readers. Lin Jianzhou invited Jin Enxi to the United States to develop and explained in detail how Jin Haona broke up. Park Canhe called to pick up Jin Enxi, he took the initiative to ask to drive, Jin Enxi always held a heart, Park Canhe drove through twists and turns, Jin Enxi clung to the handrail, fortunately there was no danger.

Jin Enxi took the initiative to confess to Park Canhe that she would listen to Lin Jianzhou’s class for the next three months, and Park Canhe didn’t mind. Kim Sang-suk left the hospital and went home. Lee Jin-sook prepared breakfast for him and left a note for him to encourage him to be a tree for the whole family to rely on. Lee Chun-sook came to see Park Can-ha as scheduled. Lee Chun-sook first thanked him for taking care of Kim Ji-woo. Just asked him about the purpose of Jin Zhiyu’s trip, Park Canhe had to answer truthfully.

Lee Jinsuk went home to report to Kim Sang-sik about the divorce of Kim Eun-joo. Kim Sang-sik was very distressed. Lee Jin-suk also revealed that Kim Ji-woo left because he wanted to escape the family. Kim Sang-sik was immediately dumbfounded.