The young marshal is jealous every day is uniform novel on the Internet

“Young Marshal is jealous every day” (少帅每天都在吃醋) Ning Long. Comment: At the beginning, there was a tense atmosphere. Lu Yan received a harassing call, and then on the way to the hospital, she met someone very similar to her deceased girlfriend. The male protagonist Jiang Chengyi’s way of appearance is also very unique. The prisoner arrested by the classmates was seen by the female protagonist and met again at this time.

The two broke up because of the death of Lu Yan’s best friend and Lu Yan’s inner misunderstanding, but Jiang Chengyi and Lu Yan did not let go of each other. Because Lu Yan’s colleague was killed, Lu Yan was followed by others. Jiang Chengyi asked Lu Yan to move to his home in the name of protection. Eight years after breaking up, the two lived together in a special way.

The author has excellent writing and the logical thinking of the plot is extremely clear. As the case progresses, the misunderstanding between Jiang Chengyi and Lu Yan continues to unravel, and the relationship gradually heats up. The case continues to reverse, and the bad person you think becomes a victim in the next second, but the bad person you think is an important witness. Until the last step, there is no way to guess who the murderer is. At the end, it suddenly dawned on him that it was him, the person who was dispensable in the plot.

The separation of the two was designed by others. This separation was eight years, countless days and nights. Over the course of eight years, Jiang Chengyi’s edges and corners have been smoothed, making him calm; let Lu Yan concentrate on learning and become better. The two met again because of the case and solved the mystery eight years ago.

Eight years have not changed the sunshine and blood in Jiang Chengyi’s heart, nor has it changed Lu Yan’s cheerful and lively smile. Happiness shortens time, and suffering lengthens it. When things are extremely big, there are often no shadows, such as the sky and the sea. I hope that no matter how long it takes, we will never forget why we started.