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High energy ahead: Jiuye is doing mystery again

High energy ahead: Jiuye is doing mystery again
Other names: 前方高能:九爺又在搞神秘
Author: Little Master (小主子)
Genre: Novel
Release: 2020
Status: 238 Ongoing


After a marriage, Luo Jiao’s top bag went online and successfully matched Jiu Ye. But don’t want to, a wedding alone? Humiliate Luo’s family and humiliate her? Very good, their beams are getting bigger! Luo Jiao acted well, became a demon, and sold cute, and she became a little quail against Jiuye. Every time she sits with Jiu Ye, the “family”, she sits in a tight-knit manner, but in his eyes, Luo Jiao is a squeamish bag. Finally one day, the mysterious Jiu Ye was exposed. Looking at the new husband and the old ‘family’, Luo Jiao was finally able to start acting as a monster.

At the beginning, Mr. Bo’s impression of her was: squeamish! Squeamish! Still squeamish! The first impression that Mr. Bo can’t be overcome is powerful, even if Luo Jiao never wants to agree. But think about it, then break the jar. Let’s be squeamish, you hit me when you are upset! Sober: Bo, I just sit here! (The distance between the two is three meters away) After drinking: I don’t care, I will sit on your lap!

Sober: (with emotion) President Bo is really popular, and another beauty has failed to devote her life. After drinking: Seeing the beauty dedicated to her life, she stepped forward and printed a mouthful on Mr. Bo’s lips, “He is mine!” Wine sober: (Innocent) What happened? I seem to be drinking fragments… (I’m dead, she actually teased the friends of the “family”, and also put people…) Dual identity strength spoils the wife and the male protagonist VS the early stage of the well-behaved quail and the late stage of acting as the demon hostess


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