My Girl, Little Boy

my girl, little girl
Other names: 내 여자, 꼬봉이
Author: 글 온리온
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Ko Bong-soon, a maiden and bagel girl who can’t even date a man properly! 14 years ago, she meets at a reunion at a reunion with the traumatic thug who made her a ‘cookie’! Now desperate for revenge, she becomes his attendant secretary and falls back into chaos. This time, I will surely get my revenge, I am sharpening the blade of revenge… … what?! Is this thug a secret temptation? “Let’s do it with me.” “What?” Whether it was a relationship or a bad relationship, I was drawn to it.


Chapter 1 My Girl, Little Boy
Chapter 2 My Girl, Little Boy