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Swin to Sky 腾空之约 Episode 6 Recap

Ling Zhixuan suddenly withdrew his capital. He told Ling Kong to promise to continue funding without taking part in the vacant contract. Naturally, Ling Kong did not agree. He couldn’t understand why his father always thought he didn’t learn to do anything. Now he works hard to learn to dive, but he does everything Make things difficult. Angrily ran away from home and returned the card to Ling Zhixuan when he left. He checked in at the hotel with his luggage and said that he was going to brush his face, but was thrown out by the security guard. Ling Kong was suddenly attacked by a person on a small road and fainted. Chen Tian passed by and saw Ling fainted on the side of the road. He took him home. On the one hand, he knew that the volley was because the diving team was making trouble with his family. On the other hand, he wanted to know more about Xiaoyu from him.

Chen Tian let Lingkong live in his own home, and gave him a drink in the evening. In a daze, Lingkong told Chen Tian what he knew about Xiaoyu. Chen Tian learned that Xiaoyu said he was a mermaid and was still looking for Dragon Ball. He looked at the fish tank at home and gave an unconscious smile. The diving team suffered from aging equipment due to the divestment problem, and the sugar was less injured. It took a week of training before returning to the team. Ling Kong frowned, and early in the morning suggested to him to temporarily agree to his father’s conditions, and wait until the funds are normal before continuing to train. When the time comes, he will cut and play. However, Ling Kong had a stubborn temper. He admitted that his big husband was upright and did not do such a thing. Finally, he blamed whether Chen Chen had come to be his father’s lobbyist.

In the early morning, I went to the neon bar to find a job. Although the bar owner saw Xiaoyu’s friend, he couldn’t tolerate this big Buddha. In the early morning, he was forced to go home and negotiate with Ling Zhixuan. Ling Zhixuan was very embarrassed to see his son messing around outside, and told him to go home. He also agreed that Volley would negotiate with the board of directors on financing matters. After all, he did not own the money. Xiaoyu prevented the diving team from performing a show and made a lot of money. She happily took it to Chen Tian. Chen Tian took Xiaoyu’s hand and said affectionately, but Xiaoyu pushed him away. , Telling them that the relationship between teachers and students is not so good.

Chen Tian was sad and puzzled in his heart. Is Xiaoyu going to give up this relationship? He vowed to himself that he would never let Xiaoyu leave him. Xiaoyu passed through the early morning room, and accidentally saw a video showing her kissing in the swimming pool when she first met with Lingkong on the computer. She unexpectedly discovered that Dragon Ball had ran onto Lingkong at the time, so she ran to ask early morning to find a way. In the early morning, she told her the mermaid and the prince’s miserable love story, reminding the little fish that the mermaid was finally let down by the prince.

Ouyang, the boss of the live broadcast company, looked for Xiaoyu to broadcast. Xiaoyu heard that he could make a lot of money, and he followed Ouyang despite Ling Kong’s dissuasion. The effect of Xiaoyu’s live broadcast was very good. It made a lot of money the first time. Xiaoyu reached a cooperation with Ouyang in order to make more money for the diving team. Xiaoyu often late and early leave because she wants to broadcast live, not only childish sarcasm, but even Chen Tian is worried that it will harm Xiaoyu. In the early hours of the morning, holding the money earned by Xiaoyu and smiling with relief, with this money, the diving team was enough to last for a while, and Lingkong knew that Xiaoyu’s live broadcast was to raise funds with mixed feelings.

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