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The warm and cute sweetheart of the high cold male god

The warm and cute sweetheart of the high cold male god
Other names: 高冷男神的暖萌甜心
Author: Little Master (小主子)
Genre: Novel
Release: 2020
Status: 224 Ongoing


He left in the name of sorrow, but returned in the name of infatuation. He was as domineering as him, even if he ran out of life, he must protect her well. A hospital attack caused her to re-encounter the man, and her handsome eyebrows were the same as before. She only knew that he had lost himself five years ago, but she didn’t know that he was for himself, and even gave up his life. The danger is on the side, he protects her behind him, no one can hurt her.

Regardless of the danger, he said: Everything has me! When the choice is first, face the four honors and disgrace, the powerful enemy in the dark. He resolutely took her into the wings, even if she could exchange the lives of many people, he would only want her, and he could only do his best to protect the lives and deaths of others. But she is going to guard life and death. Cocktail party again


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