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Out-of-print cute wife is too popular

Out-of-print cute wife is too popular
Other names: 絕版萌妻太搶手
Author: Little Master
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


The cute wife is too popular, the BOSS must hold on to it. As a daughter of the Ye family, just after her mother died, her father brought the Xiaosan and the illegitimate daughter into the door. She was angry! They must be cruelly abused. When she first saw that she accidentally injured the boss somewhere, she mourned for three seconds, but was thrown down for inspection after a long time? She blinked her big eyes: “Said I’m going to study veterinary medicine.”

Beast! A certain BOSS had an upright face: “Just take the job without a certificate in advance.” The deliberate cooperation resulted in her approaching obediently. Xiao BOSS thinks: It’s worth it! It is said that the Xiao family is indifferent and unsatisfied. Ye Tianmeng said angrily: Who to lie?


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