The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 13 Plot

Lin Senhe personally wrote a letter of recommendation to Bai Xiaoxin. A great future is waiting for her, but she is not happy. Bai Xiaoxin always had the same dream, that Lin Senhe rescued her on the seabed. Lin Senhe went all out to deal with the company’s crisis. The whole company is very busy. After the busy days, Lin Senhe, an iron man, was tired and fell asleep in the office. You Qingze covered him with a blanket, but woke him up. You Qingze persuaded him to go back and take a rest, but Lin Senhe couldn’t sleep at ease if the company’s crisis was not resolved.

The content of dreams always flashed through Bai Xiao’s mind. She was worried about Lin Senhe, but she heard Lin Senhe say in front of You Qingze that she had never liked her at all. Bai Xiaoxin didn’t want to worry about herself, Lin Senhe gave her a severance payment of 100,000 yuan, just to take this money to relax. Bai Xiaoxin saw the tourism project on Sanming Island online and decided to sign up. The Sanming Island project was officially launched, and Lin Zhiyang personally participated in the island opening ceremony. The Sanming Island project was initiated by Lin Senhe’s father, but unfortunately he could not see the project started.

In order to complete his father’s will, Lin Senhe has always valued this project very much and devoted himself to it. Lin Senhe personally presided over the opening ceremony of the island. His explanation was impassioned and won rounds of applause. For insurance advice, Lin Senhe canceled the original diving project. As long as he does not get into the water, tragedies can be avoided. Lin Senhe originally thought that he was doing a perfect job, but he did not expect that Bai Xiaoxin would appear in the tour group to participate in diving. Lin Senhe was afraid that the last danger would happen again and pulled Bai Xiaoxin out of the tourists. Bai Xiaoxin did not agree to leave, Lin Senhe could only let the security guard Bai Xiaoxin out.

For the sake of safety, Lin Senhe strengthened security measures, but Bai Xiaoxin always tried her best to make trouble. She pretended to be a Thai tourist and mixed in the crowd, but was discovered by the sharp-eyed Lin Senhe. Bai Xiaoxin fell while escaping, she couldn’t help crying like a baby, and blamed Lin Senhe for not letting her dive. Lin Senhe saw that she was crying with pears and rain, and she felt soft, and agreed with her that she could play all the activities on Sanming Island except for diving, and he accompanied him throughout the whole process, Bai Xiaoxin burst into laughter immediately. Lin Senhe took Bai Xiaoxin to the subsidiary island of Sanming Island. Just after the two got off the boat, Lin Senhe prepared a straw hat for Bai Xiaoxin, but Bai Xiaoxin refused to wear it in order to be beautiful.

As a result, she was flying in the sky just two steps away. The bird pulled a face of guano. Lin Senhe carefully wiped off the bird droppings for Bai Xiaoxin, the two of them were in close contact, and couldn’t help blushing and heartbeat. Lin Senhe put on a diving suit and went to the sea to fish for seafood for Bai Xiaoxin. When Bai Xiaoxin saw Lin Senhe wearing a diving suit, he was impressed by his style. Lin Senhe made the barbecue himself, but Bai Xiao was dissatisfied with eating it himself , Deliberately sprayed Coke on his face. The two played very happily on this deserted island until the sunset. Bai Xiaoxin saw that it was getting late and urged to go back. Lin Senhe took her hand very naturally, and Bai Xiaoxin followed him stupidly.

The yacht on the return trip broke down, and the two mobile phones had no signal. They could only stay on the island for one night until they found out they were missing to rescue them. As night fell, Bai Xiaoxin worried that there would be beasts on the island, Lin Senhe deliberately scared her that there had been wild wolves and wild boars on the island. Bai Xiaoxin was so frightened that Huarong paled, but she soon understood that Lin Senhe deliberately frightened her. Bai Xiaoxin accidentally fell into Lin Senhe’s arms while looking at the stars, and the beauty took the initiative to hug him, but Lin Senhe didn’t know how to bear it, and even tied Bai Xiaoxin to a chair.

Bai Xiaoxin told Lin Senhe that she was originally a native of Sanming Island, but after her parents had an accident, she was taken to the city by her aunt. Lin Senhe’s parents also had an accident on Sanming Island, and their experiences are similar, and they can’t help but sympathize with each other. Lin Senhe seemed to be an old-fashioned person, always preaching to Bai Xiaoxiaoxin. This is a ten-year-old man and woman. Although they are always noisy, there is more and more conversation between the two.