First son-in-law

First son-in-law
Other names: 第一豪门女婿
Author: Lu Zhenren
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Mother-in-law: The three-year marriage contract has arrived, you trash, get out of my house quickly. Three days later, the son-in-law became the head of the wealthy family, and the mother-in-law begged for mercy: Good son-in-law, I beg you not to leave my daughter


Chapter 1 Waste Son-in-law
Chapter 2 Saving the Beauty
Chapter 3 What gift do you deliver?
Chapter 4 Can’t Move
Chapter 5 Starting with the Golden Needle
Chapter 6 Kneeling
Chapter 7 Grabbing Credit
Chapter 8 Takeover of the Company
Chapter 9 Blind Date