I’m the King Of Technology

I’m the King Of Technology
Other names: I’m the King Of Technology, 我是科技之王
Author: Lumydee
Genre: Novel, Action, Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mother was a maid and the king’s greatest disgrace, his father had always despised him. The same could be said for his half-siblings.

When he turned 15, his father had announced that the city of Baymard would be given to him, and would no longer be under the empire’s control. It was a well known fact that Baymard’s lands were barren, and poverty stricken…. For god’s sake, this was banishment.

His deadbeat father had indirectly banished him from the empire. Chu Yi woke up in a carriage, on his way to Baymard with a system

“So what if my father hates me? So what if I’m banished?…. I will turn my territory into a modern society”