The Society of Four Leaves

His hobby is to reason about cases,
Especially good at breaking out strange cases such as murder and murder;
His zodiac sign is Super Broom Star,
There are always conspiracies and murders happening around.
His character is withdrawn and serious,
Let Baiguan Shangchao be as distressed as Shang Xingtang;
But when he tried to solve the case and interrogate the prisoner,
You can also instantly become a actor. ——He is the most individual “Ramen Detective” Zhang Ping!

The Society of Four Leaves
Alternative name: 张公案 (大风刮过所著小说), Zhang Gongan (The wind blows through the novel)
Strong wind
Historical, mystery, detective
Publication Date:
April 01, 2014
Page (Chapter):

Main character: Zhang Ping, Lan Jue, Wang Yan, Chen Chou, etc.

Part 1:

The poor candidate Zhang Ping went to Beijing to participate in the test and lived with his friend Chen Tuo in a broken house in Xiaomouzi Alley. Because of lack of money, Zhang Ping set up a street stall selling noodles. He was despised by his peers, but because of a misunderstanding, he got acquainted with Lan Jue, the minister of courtesy who presided over the imperial examination. In order to get rid of the difficulties in life, his friend Chen Tuo recommended Zhang Ping to write scripts for a troupe to make money. Unexpectedly, the troupe’s boss was suddenly killed. Zhang Ping and Chen Tuo became the number one suspects and were arrested in the lobby of the Criminal Ministry. In order to dispel the suspicion between himself and his friends, and to seek the truth, Zhang Ping began to assist the criminal minister Wang Yan in solving the case..

Part 2:

With an NPC-like facial paralyzed face, he picked up a Zhang Ping made by a jinshi only because of solving the case, and was personally selected by the emperor to be the magistrate of Fengle County. Under the shining light of Qiyuxing, he was involved in a new case as soon as he took office. A simple murder case led to a mysterious ancient tomb and a legendary treasure. The sarcophagus floating in the well many years ago, the mysterious drawings and verses, where do you want to lead people? The assassination of the missing prince, the conspiracy of Fanbang, set off layers of stormy waves. All ambiguity is false, what is the truth?