Way Back Into Love

A colleague with a good relationship secretly asked her what relationship she had with the boss.
Lu Jia basically told the truth to eliminate the curiosity of his colleagues, “My dad once separated him and his girlfriend.” And
, “I chased him after writing a love letter.” The
colleagues were all excited, “What happened?”
“No. Catch up.”
Someone also asked him about his relationship with her.
He never wanted to say more.
As for the reason, heh, he really didn’t want to have anything to do with that woman who was in many boats and gave up halfway.
Are all the unfinished feelings looking for a decorative word? In fact, it’s really simple-
just give me a reason and spend my life with you.

As a student, Lu Jia spent most of her time in school dreaming of the day she finally caught the attention of Xu Jia Xiu. A student in the class next door, Jia Xiu was everything Jia dreamed a guy could be. Unfortunately, all of her dreams were based on a secret, one-sided love. Knowing that nothing would ever happen with Jia Xiu if she kept her feelings as secret, Jia decided to do what any desperate girl might do. She mustered up every ounce of her courage and wrote him a letter. Having never paid any attention to the quiet girl in the class next door, the letter from Jia comes as a bit of a surprise to Jia Xiu. With no prior feelings for Jia, Jia Xiu can’t give her any sort of an answer. But that doesn’t mean she failed to make an impression. Despite the fact that many years have passed and nothing ever came of the letter, Jia Xiu has often wondered what happened to the girl who was once brave enough to confess her feelings for him.

Little does he know that, after spending years overseas, Jia has recently returned. Now back in her hometown, fate seems determined to bring Jia and Jia Xiu together again. But this time things are different. While Jia reminisces over the feelings she once had for Jia Xiu, he begins to realize that the impression she made all those years ago has worked an unexpected change in his heart. Finally able to acknowledge their feelings, can a long-forgotten love begin to bloom?

Way Back Into Love
Alternative name: 拾光里的我们, / Pick us up
随侯珠 (Sui Hou Zhu)
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332 pages