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Chapter 1 Return to 13 Years Old

Jiang Xiao had nightmares again, dreaming about the portraits of people in white coatsThe extremely wolf looked fiercely at the sight of a little lambPounced.

Panicked and afraid, struggling desperately, stepping back.

Then I don’t know who willWith a jerky push,I stumbled and fell from the ninth floor, my brain rushed,blurry.

That is, Thirty years old.

With such a tragic death, it ended being deceived by others and being framed by others, harming others and self, and living like an idiot all his life.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t help crying.

Hate, hate those people, hate my stupidity even more.

WhiteThe printed door curtain was hurriedly opened. Someone walked in quickly and said: “Little, what’s the matter? Have you had a nightmare again?”

Jiang XiaoFeel myselfWu’s hands were held by someone, but they were very warm with thin calluses.

I opened my eyes blinded by tears and saw a pictureXi’s face was anxious, worried and distressed.

Thin eyebrows and long eyes, ears and short hair, use three on the sideblackWith a hairpin clipped to the character, there seems to be a meager sorrow in his eyes all year round.

Jiang XiaoShakingSaid: “Grandma?”

Grandma sat down on the edge of the bed, watching distressedly, “Don’t be afraid, grandma is here, my little girl can sleep well.”

what happened?

Grandma is not hereDid he die of a heart attack at the end of summer when he was thirteen?

At this time, Jiang Xiao saw his hands.

Slender arms, leatherWhite, so detailedTube, nailThere are still some black marks in it, and it looks a bit dirty.

In any case, this can’t beThe hands that were painted well later, this isHands in memory.

Jiang Xiao was in a trance.

Isn’t it dead?

Was pushed down from the ninth floor and fellVague, how can it be possible to survive?

“grandmother.”His head was dizzy, and he said in a dumb voice, “I didn’t expect that the first person to see after death would be you. Grandma, I was ugly to die. Fortunately, I didn’t come to see you in that way, otherwise you should I was frightened.”

The grandmother of the Jiang family, Ge Liutao, was shocked when she heard the words, her eyes filled with horror, and she watched her fall again.Jiang Xiao, who was drowsy, felt shockedJump.

After sitting for a while, he put Jiang Xiao’s hand in the quilt, and then walked out gently.

Jiang’s family has three rooms, one hall, and a small courtyard outside the hall. The wall of the courtyard is 1.2 meters high and is a loess wall.

The yard is square, with the gate facing the main house. On the left is a yellow-skin fruit tree. The underneath of the tree is surrounded by stone slats. The corners are piled with chopped firewood, and the right is built.Abandon. The courtyard wall here is shared with the next door. The next door is the old Jiang’s house. Grandpa Jiang’s eldest brother lives there with his family.

It was in the afternoon when Jiang Xiao’s grandfather Jiang Songhai was squatting in the courtyard, turning the herbs he had previously dried to continue drying.

At the beginning of spring, the sun is not too strong, and these herbs can only be dried for two hours at noon. If they decay, they won’t be able to sell them.

Ge Liutao stood quietly under the eaves of the hallhe.

“Uncle Hai, come here quickly.”

Here are the generations, Yihua Shanbo Guoshu, Jiang Songhai in the villageThe older ones are Chinese, and those who are older than him for many years will call his uncle. Ge Liutao is the junior, and he is the uncle. Before marriage, he called him Uncle Hai. This title continued after marriage, at this age.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you see me busy?” Jiang Songhai didn’t turn his head back, and continued to busy with his work.


As soon as he said Xiaoxiao, Jiang Songhai immediately stood up and turnedWalk into the house, someZhang Di asked, “What’s wrong with Xiaoxiao? It’s burning again? I’ll go and see.”

Ge Liutao grabbed him and went to the next doorGlanced,Asked in a low voice, “Is it true that the older generation said that there are ghosts in the creek under the mountain?”

Jiang Songhai was bluffed for a while, and said angrily: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

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