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I am cultivating immortals in mortal science

I am cultivating immortals in mortal science
Other names: 我在凡人科學修仙
Author: Luo Qingzi
Genre: Novel, Martial arts
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Luo Hong was standing in front of the gate of Huangfeng Valley Mountain. At this moment, he had to admit the fact that he had passed through “Mortal”. Pushing the glasses that no longer exist, Luo Hong firmly said: “I am a fourth-rank pseudo-spiritual root like Old Mo Han, but I don’t have a vial. It seems that the only way to go is scientific cultivation of immortals!” Why is the Qi refining period? Will there be a bottleneck every three layers? How to maximize the chance of foundation building? How many factors affect the speed of cultivation? How fast is Old Mo Han running? – I’m Cultivating Immortals in Mortal Science”


Chapter 1 Early Yellow Maple Valley
Chapter 2 The First Law of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 3 SpiritCultivation Dafa
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