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Kind-hearted god of death

Kind-hearted god of death
Other names: 善良的死神
Author: Tang Family Sanshao
Genre: Novel, Fantasy Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The simple and kind-hearted Dumb, who was born as a thief, was taken away by the powerful alchemist Corris for some purpose during a thief. Dui’s destiny changed from then on. Destiny drove him to save the number one killer in the mainland. In order to take revenge, the king of the killer forcibly took Dui to a remote town, and gave all of his lessons to Dui, who gets along with the killer. Will it become a demon?

Dumb learned a peerless martial arts, and on the road to revenge, he met good partners one after another. With their help, Dui slowly became the savior. The difficult adventure made him strong and made him out of the silt and not stained. During the conversation with the god king, he understood: he is the death god Mandoen, the child of the god king and the god king. The world and family affection make him dilemma, what will he do?

When the bloody day is in the sky, evildoers will surely appear, the bloody rain will sow the world, and the disaster will come. The thousand-year disaster is about to come to the mainland. Who is the savior to save the mainland?

The combination of good and evil, the unity of light and darkness, with the blood of the phoenix as a guide, crosses the barriers, with the blood of the dragon as the knot, and the eternal life of love.


Chapter 1 The Cold Town
Chapter 2 The Alchemist
Chapter 3 The First Involvement in Magic
Chapter 4 The Pirates Strike
Chapter 5 The Divine Fruit of the Past
Chapter 6 Separation Again
Chapter 7 A Flash of Hades
Chapter 8 Forced to Leave
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