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Rebirth 80 Splendid Military Marriage

Rebirth Eighty Splendid Military Marriage
Other names: 重生八零錦繡軍婚, Rebirth 80 Splendid Military Marriage
Author: You Fei Ya
Genre: Novel, Rebirth
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Jiang Xiao couldn’t hold back the rumors in the previous life, but couldn’t beat the vicious villain, and mistaken the jackal as his benefactor. Returning to the mountain village, she wants to fight the best and kick the scum, protect her family, and draw a beautiful life with a magic brush in the palm of her hand. However, she did not expect that she would have been labelled as a cute little army sister because of a boring man…


Chapter 1 Return to 13 Years Old
Chapter 2 Compensation
Chapter 3 Reverses Black and White
Chapter 4 Mess around
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