If there is no tomorrow (I am Yu Huanshui)

If there is no tomorrow (I am Yu Huanshui)
Other names: 如果没有明天(我是余欢水)
Author: Yu Geng
Genre: Novel, Social Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


If there is no tomorrow, the saint might become a beast overnight? Wonderful will become a hero overnight?

Hou Hongliang, the gold medal producer of “Langya List” and “No War in Beiping” recommended this book. I read it all in one go. What people can’t let go of is good work.

Fan Xing, the founder of Fanxing Drama Village (“The Reckless Love” and “The Trip to Leave”) Recommendations If you are still lost or hesitated in your life, you may wish to read this book and take a look at those aspects. Crazy, warm fetters of despair in life and death. Even if there is really no tomorrow, there is no regret after walking through those untaken roads.

The reality version of the small characters counterattack, subversive rebound in life and death. Yu Huanshui is a small person living at the bottom of the society. He is wretched, cowardly, and timid, and he is always a soft guy. Because he got home, even his wife left him with their children.

In the physical examination organized by the company, Yu Huanshui detected pancreatic cancer. Because of the misunderstanding that his life has entered a countdown, life has undergone earth-shaking changes since then. The stage play and movie of the same name will be shown soon.


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