Madam, the world is waiting for your divorce

Madam, the world is waiting for your divorce
Other names: 夫人,全球都在等你离婚
Author:  Yunqi Moli
Genre: Novel, President and wealthy , Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In the Civil Affairs Bureau, her stepsister and boyfriend secretly received the certificate. Outside the civil affairs, she looked at the man who was also dumped. “Sir, we are all dumped. Why don’t we get a certificate?” “Yes, but we have to fulfill our obligations.” “Deal!” Lushui couples, co-produced and abused scum, he spoiled her to heaven before people, but he didn’t love her after people. she.

After the divorce, he was devastated, had an epiphany, and pursued his wife for thousands of miles. Mo Sinian: Wife, come home with me! Bai Jinse: Correct, it’s an ex-wife! Your home is not my home either! Mo Sinian: Then give me back what you stole from me! Bai Jinse: What? Mo Si Nian: Heart! Bai Jinse: …scared her to death


Chapter 1 I’m not great
Chapter 2 She Wants Revenge
Chapter 3 Husband and Wife Agreement
Chapter 4 They Really Look
Chapter 5 Husband and Wife Obligations
Chapter 6 He is considerate of her