MADE IN ABYSS Dawn of the Deep Soul

MADE IN ABYSS Dawn of the Deep Soul (Anime)
Other Name: 

Genres: Anime, Fantasy
January 17, 2020
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Plot Summary:
Riko, Reg and a new friend encounter the mysterious Bondrewd while venturing to the Sea of Corpses.

As this world has been thoroughly explored There is only one hole that has not been explored – “The Underground World”, with unexplainable depth. There are strange creatures living, and there are remains that humans cannot imagine or expect.

Nowadays, many people are traveling on this route. Now, many adventurers who go down to explore the world under the ground Which is known as “Cave Digger”

In the scene on the edge of the geothermal world Is a town known as “Oss” where Riko, an orphan girl lives there Her desire is to be a cave digger like her mother and she has to find a way to uncover the mystery of the underworld.

One day, Riko found a white whistle. Which belongs to Lisa, her mother And for this reason, she decided to go down to explore the underworld. Reg, a robot that has lost memory. In which Riko was the one who met And he decided to search for the lost memories in the world below

Riko is tortured because she was poisoned by the Orpe Purser from the fourth floor of the Underworld. The one who saved her from torture was Nanji.

Right now, on their team, there are Nanji together. So the three of them continue their adventures on the fifth floor. With Bon Dray waiting there After that, they met a girl who said that they themselves.

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