Warm marriage and sultry, Gu Shao is addicted to his wife

Warm marriage and sultry, Gu Shao is addicted to his wife
Other names: 暖婚撩人,顾少宠妻上瘾, Young Master Gu Dotes On His Wife, The Trap of Mollycoddling
Author: Gu Nai
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


After a calculation, the knight who has been fond of for many years suddenly proposed to his step-sister, heartbroken, Xia Youyiqiang took the childhood sweetheart Gu Yiran directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain the certificate. Before marriage, I knew that this man was heartbroken. After marriage, I realized that this man was more shameless. After the endless frying fish exercise every night, Xia Youyi finally couldn’t help it: “Gu Yiran, you are enough…”

The man who ate and drank smiled sinisterly: “How can this be? Not much satisfaction. Some of you, don’t you want to remember those hunks in the bar again!” Xia Weiwei: “…” How long ago is this black history, he still remembers it all the time, it is really the best in the world Careful man.

Xia’s only knight who has been fond of for many years actually proposed to her hate step sister! ? Angrily, she forced her childhood sweetheart Gu Yiran into the Civil Affairs Bureau. Unexpectedly, Xia Youyi, who had just received the certificate, was persuaded… “Gu Yiran, I regret it! I’m going to divorce!” “It’s late! The certificate has already been received.” , You don’t even want to run in this life!” The rebellious girl who was stunned by the sky accidentally fell into the sweet pet trap of a black-bellied man.


Chapter 1 Gu Yiran, you take advantage of me
Chapter 2 Xia is the only one, I want you for life
Chapter 3 Gu Yiran, you play me
Chapter 4 Gu Yiran, you are so cruel
Chapter 5 Xia Youyi, you are a wicked woman
Chapter 6 Zhang Gu Yiran, I also kissed for the first time
Chapter 7 Xia Youyi, you little demon
Chapter 8 Xia Youyi, I was thinking about you
Chapter 9 Xia Youyi, what are you doing around
Chapter 10 Xia Youyi, you really broke your studies
Chapter 11 Xia Youyi, I Will Make You Pay The Price
Chapter 12 Gu Yiran, Why Are You Here
Chapter 13 Gu Yiran, the Most Unattainable Prince
Chapter 14 Xia Youyi, Don’t Be Sad
Chapter 15 Gu Yiran, Actually a Black Angel
Chapter 16 Xia Youyi , I want to spoil you without a genius
Chapter 17 Gu Yiran, this black-hearted bastard