5 places to visit in Chiang Mai should not miss

People who are looking for tourist attractions in Thailand. Today, we would like to introduce Chiang Mai, which has many natural attractions. But we have selected 5 popular tourist attractions that you must visit once.

1. Doi Inthanon National Park with an altitude of about 2,500 meters above sea level, on the route up to Doi Inthanon There will be tourist attractions for us to visit. With natural scenery Allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the northern city Such as Phra Mahathat, Naphaphon Phumisiri, Ban Mae Klang Luang, Inthanon Royal Agricultural Station, Ban Pha Mon and Wachirathan Waterfall.

2. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Temple) is a temple that is invaluable to Chiang Mai people The tourists must visit to worship. Doi Suthep is located on the top of Doi Suthep. In which we will worship the Lord Buddha’s relics To enhance good fortune for life By traveling up the 306-steps Nak stairs up, but if your friends can’t walk, there will be an electric train service as well.

3. Moncham is a mountain land. Filled with sea of ​​fog and flowers is a Chiang Mai tourist destination that tourists should not miss. With a cool atmosphere throughout the year, friends can come to play PGSLOT game, see the scenery, eat the atmosphere. And around the area, there is a restaurant There is a wooden pavilion for us to sit and chill drinks.

4. Chiang Mai Zoo. It is a large zoo on an area of ​​over 500 rai. There are over 7,000 animals for friends to visit. Whether it’s a popular animal like a panda And many birds Inside the zoo, there are still many interesting shows to watch.

5. Mae Kampong is a slow life village surrounded by forests and streams. The charm of this village is tranquility and beautiful nature. Which this village has homestays for friends to relax and enjoy nature.

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