Guan Yin Nanshan Buddhist Civilization Park in South Sea Hainan Island of China

Nanshan Buddhist Civilization Park is about 40 kilometers from Sanya city as the South China Sea. From the golden base in the center of Nanshan Temple is a point that show Buddhist civilization of China. Full of deep-rooted philosophy can inspire and teach people to find the bright way. This place have area about 40,000 square kilometers. In China’s they considered this place are largest Buddhist garden that have prominent building of the three Guan Yin status. They enshrined at the island in the middle of the sea and Guanyin god facing on 3 sides of the island.

The Guanyin god of Hainan Island is a statue that is very beautiful. as the goddess of Buddhism that is famous for mercy.Guanyin God have 108 meters height. The dominant feature is the fourth tallest statue in the world and depicts the appearance of the 3 forms of the Guanyin. This Guanyin God invented in 3 forms title with 3 directions. From 3 forms title have different meaning which are one side about wisdom, one side about compassion and one side about peace. His face turned to the nearby Sanya city and the other two faces turned outside to the South China Sea. The Hainan people believed that after they created the status of the Guan Yin God. At Hainan Isaland never had heavy marine disaster.

They believe that sacredness of Guanyin from this place when people come and visit will has the opportunity to pay to homage of the goddess and whatever the matter happen then they will fulfill their wish.

You can admire on beauty of the Guan Yin statue from the boardwalk and both side have coconut trees that connected to the beach. There are flower plots, tropical trees and flags decorated throughout the path to the Guanyin goddess visit. Try to come to this place to admire the beauty of Guan Yin statue.

The Nanshan Buddhist Culture Tourism Zone in Sanya, Hainan Island also have hotel for tourist to stay and vegetarian foods for people who don’t eat meat in the park,too.

The park open from 8:00 am – 17:30 pm andNanshan Buddhist Civilization Park have entrance fee with different price are as:

  • From October – April entrance fee is CNY 129
  • From May – September entrance fee is CNY 108
  • Half price for children who age between 1.2 – 1.4m (3.9 – 4.6ft)
  • Free entrance for children who under 1.2 month
  • Tourist Bus cost CNY 30

How to get to Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone that You Take bus number #16, #55, or #57 to Nanshan station or bus number #25 to Nanshansi (Nanshan Temple) station.

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