The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 25 Recap

Shen Leqing was carrying a box of dim sum, and wanted to see King Pengcheng. The dim sum contained the agarwood she prepared for King Pengcheng. But when she saw the situation of Li Ge and King Pengcheng’s love, she turned and left.

Seeing King Pengcheng’s condition getting worse, Li Ge was anxious. When she learned from Lu Zhan that her brother went to the master to be brave, she didn’t know why, but her master’s temperament changed drastically. Not only did she not give an antidote, but she also attacked. Brother.

King Pengcheng was in a coma. Li Ge reminded him of his senior brother that if King Pengcheng was unconscious, he could be given an antidote first. After taking that antidote, he must find the real antidote within four hours, otherwise If that is the case, King Pengcheng must die.

In accordance with the instructions of the brother, Li Ge took the king Pengcheng first, and the temporary antidote left by the brother made King Pengcheng sober temporarily. After King Pengcheng was sober, he originally wanted to order General Shen to lead Suiyuan’s army to the border to repel the enemy to defend his country. Unexpectedly, Lu Yuan suddenly attacked him. He said that General Shen had punished himself in the rain, thinking that General Shen The mercenaries respect themselves and regard the country’s army as their own.

In order to save King Pengcheng, Li Ge decided to go to the master to be brave. Before leaving, she found a minor problem and punished Xiaoxin and Hongdan to the hard labor. Then she was relieved to leave King Pengcheng’s palace, Shen Yueqing learned The matter was reported to the concubine, and the concubine ordered her to keep an eye on Lige.

King Pengcheng was very pleased to see Li Ge leaving. For the safety of Li Ge, he asked King Jingling to tell Shen Zhi that no matter whether he could find the courage, he should not let Lige return again, and asked King Jingling to insist on the New Deal. .

King Jingling felt that King Pengcheng seemed to be confessing to the future, and he was very sad. On the court, Lu Yuan instigated others and participated in the performance of General Shen, turning Suiyuan’s army into Shen Jiajun. King Pengcheng decided to parade himself. To clarify the matter and gather the military will.

During the military parade, King Pengcheng insisted on drawing his bow and shooting arrows to show his military might, but at the time of the incident, he used too much force. Deep, blood was oozing out of the wound, Lu Yuan couldn’t help but sneer looking at King Pengcheng’s painful expression.

Li Ge found the master and begged him to give him the antidote to save King Pengcheng. The master asked her if she had forgotten the hatred. However, Li Ge insisted that King Pengcheng was a good person. With the help of the brother, he took the courage from the master.

Shen Yueqing suspects that Li Ge is not in the mansion. You tell the toffee, the concubine and the princess about this. When you come to the place where Li Ge lives, and find that Li Ge is not there, Shen Yueqing waits for an opportunity to scream and let the concubine see that Li Ge is there. The dagger used to assassinate King Pengcheng.

Taifei knew that Li Ge was definitely going out to find the courage to save King Pengcheng, so she asked Shen Yueqing to guard around the Pengcheng King’s mansion. When she found that Li Ge had returned, she immediately took Lige to see her.

After    Lige came back, Shen Zhi followed the instructions of King Pengcheng and guarded the palace to prevent him from entering. Li Ge was begging for his brother, and Shen Yueqing suddenly brought someone there.

When Li Ge saw Shen Yueqing, she had to send herself to see the concubine, so she quietly told her that when Shen Yueqing was stealing agarwood, she happened to be met by Li Ge. She knew that Shen Yueqing cared about King Pengcheng very much, so she wanted to take the tiger. Dare to Shen Yueqing, let her pass it to Shen Zhi.

Shen Yueqing pretended to reprimand Li Ge and deliberately pushed her to Shen Zhi’s side. Li Ge took the opportunity to put the guts into Shen Zhi’s hands and asked her to hand it over to King Pengcheng.

Shen Yueqing took Li Ge to the Toffee Mansion. In order to verify whether Li Ge had found the guts, the Toffee decided to have her body searched. However, Li Ge reminded the Toffee that it was not in accordance with etiquette to collect her body in this way. Suddenly sneered and reminded Li Ge, don’t think of yourself, don’t know her details.

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