Da Song Gong Ci (Female Jun Ji)

Da Song Gong Ci (Female Jun Ji)
Other names: 大宋宫词 (女君纪)
Author: Milan lady
Genre: Novel, Palace Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The “Alliance of the Golden Chamber” left by Zhao Kuangyin’s period triggered a dispute over the imperial power of the Song court. Liu E was originally an orphan in Shu, she met and fell in love with the third prince Zhao Heng during the war. The two went through the Qin King’s rebellion, the three sons seized the first-in-law, and the battle of Chanzhou. Liu E has excellent talents, and he is very careful and respectful in handling political affairs, and is deeply trusted and trusted by Zhao Heng. Zhao Heng lost several princes one after another, and the succession to the throne was imminent.

Due to their respective interests, the ministers and clan forces fought with each other or secretly formed alliances. The Song Dynasty faced an unprecedented crisis. When Zhao Heng died, Renzong was young and weak.

In order to fulfill the last wish of the first emperor, Liu E, after listening to politics and presiding over the court, ended party disputes, built water conservancy projects, established welfare, and properly resolved the disputes and uneasiness of the surrounding ethnic groups, and boldly used Fan Zhongyan, Yan Shu, and Su Xun. Such new-style talents have laid a solid foundation for “Renzong’s prosperous governance” for more than forty years after Renzong took office.