Finally you are here

Finally you are here
Other names: 终于等到你
Author: Blue and White
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


This is a hilarious love story, a gorgeous counterattack story of a female man, and a story of a cold male finally turning into a loyal dog boyfriend. The most incredible thing in Gu Shengnan’s 29 years of life is that after the tragic loss of love and unemployment, a prince rode a white horse to save him. But what if that prince is picky, picky, arrogant and arrogant? The poisonous and arrogant foodie Lu Jin and Gu Shengnan have accidents as soon as they meet, but they are often attracted by her exquisite craftsmanship.

During this period of getting along with each other, the two fatefully moved closer and closer. Lu Jin finally removed the elite high-cold mask and turned into a loyal dog boyfriend. The magic of fate is that the right person may appear in the wrong way. I thought I met the wrong person, but ended up working with me for a lifetime. The so-called sweetness is among thousands of people, finally waiting for you. I finally waited until you did not let me down.